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2012 Peace Revolution In Nigeria: Man In Peace


Follow Peace Agent Kenneth Ajunwa and experience an extraordinary mission to save his community with a peaceful instrument: PIPO.

Life in Nigeria is typical of most African countries. Most people are very poor. In fact 60% live below the poverty line, which is $1 a day. But for others, the country offers plenty of challenges, adventure and great riches. But out of the corruption, violence, injustice and poverty a ‘Man In Peace’ is reaching out to the Youth, teaching them how to harness the peace in and out of them, a way to channel PIPO to change the destiny of Nigeria.

Kenneth Ajunwa Udochukwu is a Peace Agent who joined Peace Revolution’s Global Peace on the Move 7 Fellowship in February 2012. In September 2012 he invited Peace Revolution’s Crew to host a series of PIPO workshops.

The team started at Alvin Ikoku Federal College of Education where Honourable Kenneth Emelu, the Commissioner For Youths And Sports in Imo State , opened the session with a few words. Here both students and state officials felt peace growing within them. PIPO was the prevailing word of the day.

A student, Susan Nkechi, shares her delight at discover her own ‘inner peace, “Yesterday was the first time in my life that experienced meditation. I felt that peace inside me, those peaceful moments around me. I saw myself sitting down alone, not thinking about any other thing, any other problem, just sitting, meditating.”


Topics of discussion during the three day workshops included “achieving peace and development in Nigeria using PIPO” and “Peace and how PIPO can transform our corrupt environment”. The meditation sessions were lead by Venerable Somsak Piyaseelo from the Johannesburg Meditation Center.

Real Peace is self-sustaining, we can generate it ourselves. Peace from within will lead to peace in in families. Since societies and countries are made of units of families and individuals, it is important to start with creating peace in the individual and families. “I want to tell the people that peace is good in a family. My people say where there is no peace, there is no progress.” Says one of lecturers at Alvin College.

Peace Revolution’s visit to Federal Government Girl’s College was one of the highlights. Young girls crowded the modest room with bright smiles and delightful laughter. Their enthusiasm and willingness to meditate was evident as suddenly, once Venerable Somsak asked them to close their eyes, the bustling room became quiet, and an energy of peace filled the four walls.

These young minds learnt how to tap in to their inner resource of peace, and to bring that to their mother and father back home. The concept is simple, but that is precisely why it is successful. Today the youth are harnessing the power of PIPO, for themselves, for their families and for Nigeria.

The process of acquiring PIPO is just a matter of ‘clicking the mind’ at the center of the body where the ultimate resource of peace exists. “Peace has always been among humanity's highest values--for some, supreme. Others consider Peace at any price.” Says Ajunwa, peace agent and Nigeria’s Man in Peace, “The most disadvantageous peace is better than the most just of wars. Peace is more important than all justice. I prefer the most unjust peace to the most just war that was ever waged. There never was a good war or a bad peace.”

Organizing these workshops was a groundbreaking accomplishment for one man in Peace who wants to protect the world with PIPO, but Ajunwa took it in his stride. “It was an experience that made me believe more in myself . No task is too great carry out. It really inspired me to do more and to go to greater heights.” There is no obstacle too hard for a Man in Peace, and pretty soon the world will be full of Men and Women in Peace.

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Natalia Pratiwi

Let's spread peace inside, happy outside !!!

Submitted on 17 Jan 2013 06:10 from Ariya App

Agha Khan

Yes Natalia i am gree

Submitted on 17 Jan 2013 13:04 from Ariya App

Thomas Mitchell

I am so proud of you brother Kenneth. You are truly a peace champ.

Submitted on 29 Jul 2013 18:30 from Ariya App

Frederick Nsabiyumva

Good my bro, and that could happen to Burundi my country how fine i could feel!

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Muzoozi Alex Banyijaho

we need this in Uganda

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Webmaster Peace Revolution

Dear Muzoozi,

You have to contact Peace Agent "Papa" Fremma, who have been selected as Peace Agent since 2009.

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Muzoozi Alex Banyijaho

what goes in is what comes out. Peaceful mind, good justice

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Akom Afumbom

great kenny God bless uuu

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Osasu Okhionkpamwonyi

Peace to all!

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