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Ping Ping Worakate

The Constitution of UNESCO declares, Since wars begin in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men that the defences of peace must be constructed.

Many social problems arise from the lack of right judgment, empathy, and patience which derives from a clouded mind.

We, at WPI, feed, cleanse and purify the mind so that thoughts, speech, and actions are ethically constructed. With such goal, a team of Thai and International crew work tirelessly through different programs and events, online and offline, to deliver the roadmap of true peace, ultimate happiness, and inner wisdom to every human being.

Though we have transformed lives of many hundreds of leaders in over 160 countries, we still continue to drive forward and look for more collaborations and mutual support with different entities who believe in human potential to change themselves in order to turn our vision into reality especially in this fast-changing digital age.


To provide everyone an opportunity to find inner peace so that sustainable world peace is achievable. (Inner Peace + Outer Peace = World Peace)


To provide tools and opportunities for mind empowerment and habit development with the support of certified trainers and like-minded community.

International crew

World Peace Initiative is an international organization consistently driven forward by highly talented and skilled individuals from every corner of the world who strongly believe in the power of inner peace towards sustainable world peace. Hence, they work enthusiastically with great dedication and passion to help people develop themselves. Let’s get to know them more here!

Armand  Kodjo

Armand Kodjo

Regional Coordinator: West Africa

Aseel Mohamad Nassar

Aseel Mohamad Nassar

Regional Coordinator: Middle East and North Africa

Barbara Contreras Preisler

Barbara Contreras Preisler

Regional Coordinator: Europe

Channary  Tauch

Channary Tauch

Regional Coordinator: Asia and Pacific

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The PIPO House

Where the dream of living peace becomes reality

Welcome to our Headquarters

The WPI headquarters or “the PIPO House” is located in Pathum Thani, Thailand. The working space aims to provide a work-life balance environment that has been a part of making the Peace Revolution online platform, organizing International Peace Training in Thailand as well as coordinating inner peace projects around the world. Its interior design shows reminders that help the crew and visitors alike maintain their awareness and practice more mindfulness in their daily office hours.

Office Zone

The office zone is equipped with modern technology to communicate with international crews and volunteers worldwide.

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Our Reach

The dream of seeing World Peace that has seemingly become reality

Online Network


Registered members




Online Sessions



135,326 individuals from 241 different countries and territories have taken part in our self development program and have conducted 5,790 meditation sessions within their networks among 164 countries so far.
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Training Participants




Young leaders



1,382 young leaders coming from 166 different countries have taken part in our trainings.
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Empowerment Workshops









297 meditation and mindfulness workshops held since 2010 until the 2024, with more than 149 countries taking part and over 105,245 participants.
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Thank you for helping us come this far.

Our goal is to bring inner peace to every corner on earth. It's still a long way to go but we believe global peace is possible when each and everyone of us has attained the peace within.

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