Help us continue spreading inner peace across the planet

WPI nourishes the minds for personal and professional transformation in order to achieve sustainable world peace.

As our society consists of collective individuals, once each individual attains inner peace, the world peace becomes desirably promising. Though it may sound idealistic, let us walk you through this! It is our ultimate belief that the cultivation of a peaceful mind leads to peaceful action that prevents individuals from hurting themselves and others in any way possible. Furthermore, it increases the tendency of people making righteous decisions in their livelihood, in their relationship and in their contribution to the world. Hence, we offer free online Self-Development Programs and a series of training programs to increase the awareness and educate people around the world including young leaders, minorities, marginalized and underprivileged groups. Since established, there has been a high demand for help from many regions including conflict and after-conflict zones.

Your gift today, big or small, will truly transform lives of many people in different corners of the world.

Our bodies need food and nutrients to survive, so does our minds. Though harder to see from the eyes, it’s easy to see from the mind.

If you think meditation can be a food for the mind,
let’s share this food to other people who are in need. Support our endeavor to make it accessible to all.

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A small gift from us

These are some gifts we prepare from our heart as a token of gratitude to your generosity. Thank you very much in advance.

For 10USD +

A free mantra audio, Samma Arahang, to practice mindfulness

For 20USD +

A private talk to our Peace Coaches (choose one of the Peace Coaches based on yourinterest, language,location, or rating)

For 50USD +

A private class with our Certified Mindfulness & Meditation Trainer

For 100USD +

a privilege to e-meeting with our CEO for any issues