Peace Partners

We believe that every individual and organization plays a vital role in contributing to our peaceful community and environment, so we are open to all sectors in society that embrace peace and wellbeing in their capacities.

Ways to partner with WPI

For educational institutions

You run, work or know a school or University

  • How about mindfulness and meditation breaks for more inner peace and better performance and behavior?
  • We can help you design and deliver the most suitable meditation program for your students and teachers!

For organizations

You organize community outreach programs, conferences, summits or meetings

  • How about starting your conference or summit day with a morning meditation to keep participants active, attentive and alert? Or perhaps you plan a mental health awareness campaign or other social project? We are flexible to add mindfulness and meditation moments for the well-being of your participants and success of your projects.

For corporates

You work in or know a company

  • You know this company will benefit from meditation sessions and empowerment workshops to relax their mind and achieve higher performance. Let us know about it and we shall design a program suitable for their employees and deliver it together!

Open space

You still do not see your idea in the list?

  • We are flexible and open to hear your idea! Our focus point is mindfulness, meditation and self-development, and we can design courses together, create workshops, facilitate various sessions and explore other opportunities that suit your demand such as work-life balance, stress management, positive thinking, emotional intelligence, habit development, life purpose, etc.

Benefits of partnering with WPI

We work tirelessly to make Meditation a free Vitamin or Medicine to all as it’s vital for our mental wellbeing. Support us today to continue this mission. Your donation can give a big smile on someone’s face.

Peace Partners

World Peace Initiative is collaborating strategically with many peace partners.

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