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“Inner Peace Time” a.k.a meditation is used throughout our Peace Revolution Online learning Programs

We choose “Dhammakaya Meditation”, which is the oldest yet simplest form of meditation with applicable and impeccable steps to follow. This technique focuses the mind gently at the center of the body by maintaining the right balance between concentration and relaxation.

The Center of the Body (or the Center of Gravity), which is two fingers' width above navel, is the seventh base of the mind. As a human-being, we have Seven Bases of the Mind. We can focus from the first base to the seventh base and backward using visualization together with the mantra to still our mind. The Center of the Body is like the home of the mind where it can rest, reset, and refresh when being here at a certain period of time. This is also a source of wisdom, joy, and pure energy which are derived from the solitude moment of no thoughts. The art of doing nothing can yield tremendous results to our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-beings.

Let’s experiment with it ourselves to have a real taste of inner peace.

How to
Meditate for beginners

seven base meditation technique

1. Prepare your Peace Position

Start by adjusting your sitting position. If you sit on the floor, sit cross-legged, right leg over the left. Place the right hand over the left hand, palms up, your right index finger gently touching your left thumb. Place both hands on your lap comfortably; your head and back are straight and aligned. This sitting position is called the “Peace Position” If you feel uncomfortable in this position, you may sit on a chair or sofa. Adjust your position until you feel completely comfortable so the blood will circulate freely as you breathe naturally.

2. Mindful breathing

Next, take a deep breath. Inhale and exhale a few times. Breathe deeply until you feel the air passes through your lungs and reaches the middle of your abdomen. You can feel this by breathing “softly, slowly, and deeply”. The turning point of your breath before exhaling is called the Center of the Body. Imagine that the Center is where your body will fully absorb the freshness from the environment and transform it into a feeling of happiness and joyfulness. Then slowly exhale through your nostrils, breathing out all your worries, stress, tension, and negative emotions.

3. Body Scanning Technique

The purpose of the body scanning technique is to relax the entire body. This is to disconnect from the physical body and prepare for the journey inward. Let go of all the responsibilities related to work, loved ones, family, study, and everything else. Let your mind be joyful, relaxed, and free from all worry. Relax every muscle in your body, from the top of your head to your toes. Don’t let any part of your body contract, tighten, or become tense.

4. Mental Relaxation

The mind feels more relaxed when it can release and let go of things. Imagining yourself in a vast and spacious environment can bring you closer to a state of mental relaxation.

Allow your mind to be clear, pure, and free from all thoughts. Imagine that you are sitting alone in a vast, open space. You have the freedom to enjoy the moment of serenity as if you never had any attachment in life, never had any problems, and never knew anyone before.

Then, imagine that your body has no organs, assuming that it is a tube, a hole, a hollow vacuum, an inflated balloon, or a diamond cylinder that is bright and clear. Let it be an open space - empty and hollow inside. You may feel your body getting lighter and lighter as if it were becoming weightless, gradually melting away and becoming one with nature.

5. Centering technique

In this step, bring your mind to focus on the Center. Do not worry too much about the exact location of the Center of the Body. Simply maintain your mind, softly and gently, in the middle of your abdomen. How you focus your mind at the Center is compared to the lightness and gentleness of a bird’s feather floating down from the sky and touching the water’s calm surface.

After finding the starting point to focus your mind, softly imagine a neutral object of your choice so that the mind can have something to focus on and not wander. You can imagine a shining sun, a full moon night, or a crystal sphere. You can choose any object you like if it makes you feel calm, pure, and content.

When imagining an object in the Center, imagine the object with ease. Keep it simple. Do not force your mind to think of the object to the point that it makes you feel tense. Do not use too much effort or stare at it, as staring will deter the mind from experiencing more profound sensations. The clarity of the object is not essential. Be satisfied with however clear it is.

Maintain your mind calmly. Let it stop and be still. If you do think of something else, you can keep the stillness of the mind and concentration by reciting a short, soothing phrase. Recite the word phrase “Samma Arahang” or “Clear and Bright” in your mind softly, as if the soft sound was echoing from the Center. Maintain your awareness of the object and phrase in the Center continuously, softly, and comfortably until your mind reaches absolute stillness.

The words will slowly fade once your mind is entirely still as if you have forgotten to recite them. Do not worry or be overly excited if you see or feel any experiences at the Center that differ from the mental object you imagined initially. Maintain a neutral mind. Observe the experiences that are occurring with a calm mind while relaxing. Your mind will be completely focused, pure, and still like you’re in the midst of nothingness. Do not think of anything. If you do this correctly, meditation will feel easy and comfortable. Your mind will then become still quickly and effortlessly.

at the center

We offer “Be at the Center” (or BAC game) as Mindfulness in Action. It’s delicately and elaborately designed to make mindfulness practical in our busy lives. The concept is to center your awareness at the seventh base of the mind. By doing so, you’re in a state of mindfulness or fully conscious of your action.

This can be done as simply as you breathe in and out automatically while doing any activities without stopping one action before breathing. However, a big challenge can arise for those who are new to this practice. Take the challenge by just imagining or visualizing any round objects like the sun, the moon, or the crystal sphere, around your stomach while you do any given activities below. You’ll be amazed on how mindfulness can play a critical role in your life.

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