For over a decade now, WPI has been providing the platform for individuals to turn their passion for meditation into a profession by becoming certified Mindfulness and Meditation Trainers through an intensive training program. We regard our Mindfulness and Meditation Trainers as ‘Peace Architects’ as we believe they are the designers of the 'building plans for world peace, constructed on the firm foundation of inner peace.

Since 2012, we have certified over 170 Peace Architects from 70 different countries who have contributed immensely toward the well-being of their communities and world peace.

The On-site Training

(Beginner Course for Certified Mindfulness & Meditation Trainer or BCMMT)

Our on-site training is a 3-week (or 323 hours) program for beginners at a beautiful sanctuary in Thailand. All settings, from the place to teachings, are professionally designed to develop high quality meditation trainers who attain insight from meditation and mindfulness as well as teaching and mentoring skills to guide effectively. After being our trainers for one year, they will get full funding for the re-training program if they complete the post-training requirement to enhance meditation experiences, refresh the knowledge, and deepen understanding. This is the unique training methodology you hardly find elsewhere.


Anyone interested and committed to learn and leverage meditation experiences.

Complete a free 42-day online self-development program

Pass the online interview

Pay the fee of 990 USD, which includes 21 days of accommodation (a single room with a shared bathroom), food, local transportation, and teaching fees.

Note: For peace club committee, active volunteer, or current partners, please contact your Regional Coordinator for partial funding if eligible.

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9 things you will experience at the training site

Four guided meditation sessions daily by Buddhist monks

Interactive learning experiences on Buddhist and non-Buddhist topics i.e Impermanence, Equanimity, Nature of the Mind, Self-love, Stress management, and more

Mentoring and Coaching sessions as well as Silent and Self-reflection time

New Daily Routine related to Biological Clocks with habit challenge workshops to learn good habits and unlearn bad habits

Yoga and stretching exercises to make the day

The Buddha Diet for healthier lifestyle (no dinner)

A simple, safe, and peaceful environment with like-minded people and hospitality staff

No connection to any electrical or digital devices to detox the mind

Written and Oral Examination for one year certificate


The Online Training

(Online Beginner Course for Certified Mindfulness and Meditation Trainers (OBCMMT))

Our online training program was introduced during pandemics in 2020 and a total of 6 courses have been offered to certify 30+ Mindfulness and Meditation Trainers. We offer both LIVE sessions and high-quality recorded videos to ensure the quality and standards of our trainers. After being our trainers for 6 months and completing the post-training requirement, they will get funding for the retraining program in Thailand which includes 21 days of accommodation (a single room with a shared bathroom), food, local transportation, and teaching fees (worth 990 USD). It’s such a life-changing and thought-provoking experience to fulfill personal and professional development.


Anyone passionate about learning and sharing meditation and mindfulness

Complete a free 42-day online self-development program

Complete a paid 21-day online evolution course

Pass the online interview

Pay the fee of 159 USD

The online course includes:

10 recorded videos (episodes). One episode per day is of 60 - 90 minutes

A LIVE tutorial session with a Buddhist teaching monk

A LIVE session with senior trainers in the respective region

Homeworks and Self-reflection exercises

Written and Oral Examination for 6-month certificate

Note: You can extend the license for another 6-month online if there is no retraining in Thailand.


Upcoming Trainings

There is no training available at the moment. You can subscribe to our social network and get notified when we launch new opportunities.

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WPI envisions sustainable change happening when each and every one of us works towards their own self-development. Thus, we have created free and accessible tools for the empowerment and wellbeing of individuals worldwide, regardless of age, race, religion, cultural background.

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