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Author: Neo Dawn

Achieving peace is the highest aspiration of humankind and has been sought after since the beginning of human history. This is true, especially in the modern world, consumerism has reached a peak, social unrest and human security problems are still on the rise in every corner of the world, while human morality hits rock-bottom. Humankind has never longed for peace as greatly as it does today.

Bibliotheca Alexandrina (The Library of Alexandria), Egypt

In 2001, the UN declared the 21st of September as the International Day of Peace. The International Day of peace calls upon everyone on this planet to find the solution to the greatest problems in human life – Peace. Yet, the path to sustainable peace still eludes us. We have tried many approaches, through peace talks, conference, workshops and panel discussions, but yet an answer is still not found.

Inner Peace on the AIDA beach, Alexandria
This year, at a crossroads of faiths, an intersection of civilizations, in an ancient city with great historical significance, Alexandria, a revolutionary peace conference began. “Peace In, Peace Out” became the evolution of the peace process. At the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, nearly 300 participants flooded every meditation session to search for inner peace.

Institute for Peace Studies (IPS), Alexandria and Peace Revolution (Thailand)

With the cooperation of Peace Revolution, Institute of Peace Studies (IPS) and the Bibliotheca Alexandria, the participants learnt that through meditation, inner peace could be achieved with ease.

Nearly 300 participants joining five meditation sessions at Bibliotheca Alexandrina

When people close their eyes and open their minds there are no conflict between different faiths, religions, races or beliefs. This is evidence of the possibility of world peace. During the evening assembly, 1,500 participants centralized their minds and took a ‘flight’ inside themselves, to the origin of inner peace. Meditation once again provided the key to discovering a boundless source of peace.

Peace Agent Osama Moftah giving speech about Peace Revolution
on the Int'l Day of Peace at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina

Peace Revolution is now revolving in every part of the world. The revolution begins with everyone and with every mind. If humans are capable of building something as great as the Pyramids or Sphinx, why should peace be impossible?. Peace should not only be reserved for one day of year, instead everyday should become a day of inner peace. It’s time for a revolution. The world is changing and the revolution is now. PIPO – Peace In, Peace Out.

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Sadhuu Osama:)

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The great job for our peace world... (^0^)

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peace is really a vital element which everybody must strive for.

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