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Sustainable Peace Activation In Mindanao - The Land Of Promise

Mindanao or “the land of promise” is the second largest island in the Philippines. It’s the only area of the Philippines where people of the different faiths are sharing their promise to develop sustainable peace for the new generation.

During October 28-30, 2011, Peace Revolution participated in the Republic of the Philippines Department of Education’s* the 7th Peace Village Residential Experience (PVRE)**, Kalinaw-Kalilintad Integrated Peace School, The Peace Village, Kapatagan, Lanao del Norte. We were invited by the Ministry of Education in October 2011 to organize Inner Peace Time sessions with Filipino students in the Peace Villages.

Students in Philippines experiencing "true inner peace" using meditation
(Courtesy of Peace Rebel Jergen Buot Quihoy)
The program is taking the initiative to give school children of different backgrounds a chance to meet and happily co-exist through promoting the spirit of respect and understanding regardless of social and religious differences. It aims to allow students and teachers in the education region X of the Philippines to experience peace through different kind of activities such as peace prayer, peace parade, peace concert, tree planting, workshop on non-violent communication and of course Inner Peace Time (IPT) using meditation.

Filipino teachers meditating online with Peace Revolution
(Courtesy of Peace Agent Connie Emborong)
Our staff including a professional meditation instruction will participate in this activity by hosting a basic meditation for 500 Filipino teachers as well as 80 principals from the region at the Peace Village, Kapatagan, Lanao del Norte. Additionally, a presentation ‘meditation and its scientific benefits’, will be presented by a Filippino Peace Agent Connie Emborong. Connie, who completed the Peace Revolution Educator’s Fellowship in July 2011, is the coordinator of the PVRE, as well as, a division peace education coordinator for the Department of Education in the Philippines.

Some schools in Philippines introduce Inner Peace Time before class
(Courtesy of Peace Rebel Jergen Buot Quihoy)
The revolutionary element in this experience is meditation. It will be the first time it will be introduced in the PVRE, and because the practice of meditation is focusing the mind and bringing it to a standstill in the center of the body, it is a universal factor for all people and children regardless of background of religion. Connie says, “Some people may think it’s about religion, but it is more about developing inner peace and has nothing to do with religion. It is keeping the mind in the center (of the body) and making you more mindful in your thoughts, in your deeds, in your words and your actions in the way you deal with the persons around you.”

Young Filipino students meditating online with Peace Revolution
Peace Agent Connie blazes forward, “Allow the fire of your heart to burn for peace. Peace starts with the children. (We can all) do little things that (we) know that can contribute to achieve peace, inner peace or world peace (we all play our little part)”. 
The Peace Revolution’s participation: 
Day 1 – October 28, 2011 
Participating in an ecumenical prayer
Day 2 – October 29, 2011
A guided meditation session for 22 PSDS, 31 Secondary Principals and 22 Central Principals
Day 3 – October 30, 2011
A guided meditation session for all 500 or more teacher participants from the whole region X. 
1 Region X-Northern Mindanao
2 This program is prepared by Peace Agent Connie Emborong who is an ESP-1/Division Peace Coordinator. It is under a supervision of MARIA LUISA B. MUTIA, Ed. D. CESO V, Schools Division Superintendent.

Watch the movie of the PIPO event “the True Idol of Peace” in the Philippines

The True Idol of Peace in this Century

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