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Peace Revolution At Global Youth Assembly 2011

Between July 27- 30, 2011, Peace Revolution participates in Ignite Change Now! Global Youth Assembly 2011 at the University of Alberta, in Edmonton, Canada. The theme of the conference this year is, “OUR WORLD. OUR WATER.” The program focuses on efforts around the world by various organizations to create sustainability for the environment.

Participants at the GYA 2011 are able to deepen their understanding of water in relation to the issues that interest them: water and youth engagement, water and development, water and education, water and production, water and indigenous rights, water and Africa, water and art…

Ping Ping, our Peace Revolution program director, presents how our concept of “Peace In, Peace Out” is related to water…


Ping Ping presents the Peace Revolution project


We believe that our physical environment can be affected by human thoughts, speeches, and actions. In The Hidden Messages in Water, Dr. Masaru Emoto conducted water crystal experiments to show that structure of water crystals could be affected by positivity or negativity of thoughts and speeches.


"Messages from Water" experiment by Dr. Masaru Emoto


If thoughts and speeches could generate such effects, imagine what actions can do for the environment? For our world to survive, environmental conservatism must become an integral part of the human conscience. It requires a voluntary, personal commitment from people over time. We believe that the first step in this gradual process is the cultivation of clarity of thought and open-mindedness, and through our Inner Peace Time and Self-development Program, Peace Revolution provides a synergic complement to the global effort for environmental conservatism.


Young students experiencing the "Peace In"


At the Peace Revolution workshop, GYA participants get to sample the Inner Peace Time, as guided by an experienced meditation instructor who joins us from Seattle. They also learn more about our online activities and the fellowship program.


Young students interacting at the Peace Revolution Booth


After the assembly, many also join us at the one-day meditation retreat for those who wish to learn more about various techniques of meditation as a part of our Inner Peace Time.

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