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Mar 2022: Discover The Invisible Power Of Empathy

Recent world events have made us rethink the qualities of powerful leadership, and how inner peace contributes to a positive and constructive mind that brings goodness into the World. We asked our CEO, Ping Ping Worakate, to share the ways in which Empathy can be further developed and implemented to transform leaders into the better version of themselves. Keep reading to find out what she shared with us.


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Dear readers,

When it comes to leaders, we think that they are individuals highly goal-oriented, with strong authority and knowledge, with results that speak for themselves, with high energy and drive. We look up to our leaders expecting them to make difficult decisions in an assertive way and with successful results. But we are not perfect, and these characteristics may not be enough to ensure a high-quality leadership.

What is missing? Due to the latest events happening in certain parts of the world, we may realize that Empathy is certainly a desired attribute for Leadership, and that is missing. When a leader is an Empath Leader, they:

✓ Can understand what people are thinking and feeling, enabling them to build better relationships. This has a very positive impact on a leader´s performance and raises approval from the people.

✓ Can improve their emotional regulation by feeling what others feel. This is very important in times of great stress since it helps to avoid burnout.

✓ Can engage more in helpful behaviors that, in return, make people more willing to help them when needed.

A strong leader is not the one who displays his/her power through getting results no matter what, on the contrary, a powerful leader can put him/herself in other people's shoes and act for the highest good of everyone involved.

Our invitation to you is to include Empathy in the different leadership positions of your life and towards yourself. And if you find it challenging, remember that we can always learn, grow, and improve if we know the right direction to go. Discover the Four Habits Empathetic Leaders must have, by our CEO, in our newest video below.



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She reached over 360 people in five sessions, both online and in-person, only in February. She shares here a bit of her story with meditation, and how she became a Meditation Instructor: "When I first learned meditation I was doing it for my own benefit, and tremendous benefits and changes happened in my life. So I couldn't stay silent while I can share it with others and help them to live their lives in an easy and simple way, as I believe in the saying that "the secret of living is giving" so I decided to keep doing that since 2015 till now where more than 15 thousand people benefitted from my sessions around the world and the mission still going on. In February I was able to reach different countries in the region and different age group, we had a blast on one of the meditation sessions where 184 people joined together to meditate and create a change in their life, it is an inspiration for me that fuel my energy to keep going with what am doing."

Find her here

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Peace In, Peace Out!

Co-founder and CEO

Ping Ping Worakate

Submitted on 1 Apr 2020 15:35