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Sept 2021: Mental Shift For Geniune Life

Before success and wealth could become realities, they are shaped at the level of the mind, because thinking determines greatness in life. And the right shifts to your thinking routines is what creates good habits with a positive mindset to achieve goals.

Learn how to make mental shifts to create a genuine life for yourself through online programs offered by World Peace Initiative Foundation (WPI).

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What is the best way to become successful ?
If you’ve ever asked yourself this question, we get a plausible answer for you. To become successful and wealthy depends not only on your hard work, but also on your mindset.
Successful and wealthy people have specific behaviors that other people don’t have. If you can start modeling good habits, combined with the right mental shifts in your routines to develop a positive mindset, you will soon have a genuine life.
This month, we offer useful materials that can help you make the right mental shift and build good habits using meditation and mindfulness practices.

3 Days Online Seminar for Africa · 3rd Edition

Are you looking for some opportunities to learn more about Peace and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)? You are welcome to the 3rd edition of the 3-day seminar for Africa. You can attend as a speaker, partner or participant. If you are an African living in the continent or outside you can also join us to learn how to use inner peace to achieve SGDs, network with African leaders and peace activists. Register now

Master Your Mindset To Unlock Success

Looking for some tips or a roadmap to unlock your success? Want to create a growth mindset and become a better version of yourself? We have just the right course for you. After the success of the first round, our 21-Day online course is back again for the second time to help many more people to be able to master their mindsets to unlock their success. Inspired by the notion that it takes 21 days to create a good habit, this course focuses on meditation, mindfulness and habit development.Successful completion of this course will make you eligible to pursue your interests in becoming a certified Mindfulness and Meditation Trainer with the World Peace Initiative. Check out what the previous participants have got to say about this course and more information, here: Register Now


Armand Kodjo

Self-confidence, passion and hard work are the three words that mostly define Armand Kodjo. He has been a certified Mindfulness and Meditation Trainer with the World Peace Initiative Foundation (WPI) for over 5 years now and actively committed towards spreading knowledge of meditation and self-development. He has positively impacted the lives of many people not only in his country (Benin Republic), but also in other African countries reaching more than 4,000 people through various meditation sessions, professional training activities and community projects. In August 2021, Armand trained about 300 young people in leadership, meditation and mindfulness practice. If you are interested in learning how to become the better version of yourself, feel free to contact Armand here.

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