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APRIL 2021: Adding Years To Your Life With Meditation

Everyone wants a long, happy, and healthy life, right? A life full of unforgettable ebullience and everlasting reminiscence. A life that’s rich with fulfilling days spent, but also extended just like a limitless corridor. Now, you have the opportunity to learn how to add years to your life using meditation.

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Research into longevity amongst the different nations shows that people over 100 years of age in the world have a specific attitude towards life and living creatures. They succeed in developing the highest sensibility that gives them the chance to obtain the utmost essence of life through meditation. Using meditation, they create positivity in life with clear roles of responsibility and a feeling of purpose while finding passion in everything they do. You can learn more if you join one of our online programs!

Reducing Stress and Burnout Online Meditation Retreat For Europe

Are you looking for the best way to reduce stress and burnout? This weekend online retreat will change your life if you follow the guidelines and join all the practices. From 28-30 May 2021, you will have the chance to join us to learn practical tools to create positivity in your life. If you are ready to create your own peace and confidence, develop full control over stress and burnout sign up here

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The Law of Karma for French Speakers

Would you like to know more about the law of Karma to improve your life? If you are a Francophone with the desire to learn new things about life and the universe, we invite you to join us in this new program for French-speaking people.

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Lauren Eline Maria Schuivens

Lauren Eline Maria Schuivens is a passionate woman, who always puts her heart and soul into everything she does. She is from the Netherlands and has joined our team as a trainer in 2020 when she has shown great interest in peacebuilding through meditation and mindfulness. Her passion for working with us gives birth to a wide range of activities including voluntary sessions, paid training, and online meditation retreats, where she has the opportunity to support and help many people. Lauren believes in creativity that can generate new ideas and unique opportunities for sustainable world peace. She is also open and ready to help you start your own journey with meditation. Please, feel free to contact her today.

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You can also contact us if your organization or company would like to have online meditation with one of our trainers in your language. Please, don’t hesitate to contact us at elvis@wpifoundation.org


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