Mar 2020: Become A Certified Mindfulness & Meditation Trainer Today

Whether you want to simply meditate for your own personal benefits, or Become a certified Mindfulness and Meditation Trainer, we are growing to meet your everyday needs. This month we launch The Certified Mindfulness and Meditation Trainers 7 Days- Beginner Course. This Course is for anyone who has interest and willingness to be a Certified Mindfulness and Meditation Trainer. You don’t need to have previous meditation teaching experience as long as you successfully complete the eligibility requirements.

Our Brand New Meditation & Habit Development Program for Stress Management in Russian will be out by the end of March? In this program, you will learn basic techniques to guide yourself into meditation anytime and anywhere in the world. You will adjust basic self care routines to re-frame the stress triggers and amplify peace of mind and harmony in your life. Write to Katia at: to join the Complimentary Trial and enjoy Meditation in Russian!

Meet Our Outstanding February Team

Mind Coach/ Peace Coach of the month: Dinah Ameer- Palestinian Territory

“Meditation starts with loving yourself, and having the confidence and faith that you can improve. Do not give up if you had a bad experience in meditation. Everyone can meditate; just take it step by step. Start with 10 minutes then 15, then 20 until you achieve your goal. As we do sport for our bodies, the sport of our minds is meditation.”

Get such tips and many more when you speak to a Mind Coach today.The 40% Discount is going away this month. Use the code GETPEACE2020 at Checkout.

Mindfulness & Meditation Trainer: Ali Hameed- Pakistan

I think of mindfulness meditation as a system to create world peace through inner peace. Peace is a like a base, a foundation or a ground on which we establish, build and sustain everything else. Regardless of where you are or what you do, you can start the journey to your inner peace today; and eventually share with others. I may be a dreamer, but I am not the only one. You too can join us!

Here again are the amazing opportunities for you this March:

  1. Simplify Life; Amplify Happiness 7 Days Retreat in Thailand: 4-10th August 2020. Apply Here
  2. The Beginner Course for Certified Mindfulness and Meditation Trainers: 11-17th August 2020. Apply Here
  3. Get a complimentary 3 days trial into The Meditation & Habit Adjustment for Stress Management Program in Russian. Coming Soon.
  4. Claim this 40% Discount to Speak to a Mind Coach about your Meditation & Personal Development Progress today. Use the code GETPEACE2020 Here.

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