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Samädhi - Santi Collection Exhibited At River City Grand Hall, Bangkok

Experience the new contemporary arts “Samädhi - Santi Collection” inspired by the inner peace of 20 artists from around the world. The collection is set to exhibit, together with theater, music and dance performances. Peace Revolution invites you to the Presentation Event at River City Grand Hall, Bangkok, Thailand this Friday 31st, January 2014 from 18.30 hrs onwards.


The I Meditation Artistic Retreat

The I Meditation Artistic Retreat  brought together twenty artists from all around the world practicing different artistic disciplines. They spent two weeks at the Meditation Sanctuary meditating guided by Thai Teaching Monks and creating artworks forming the "Samadhi - Santi Collection of Contemporary Art".

Meditation Retreat took place from January 14th-26th at the Meditation Sanctuary, a stunning picturesque location situated at the top of one of the Islands on Thailand's southern coast. The Artists  spent two weeks practicing yoga and meditation, while receiving occasionally lessons from Thai Teaching Monks and distinguished lecturers guest. Rest of their personal time would be dedicated for artistic creation. Samadhi – Santi World Tour Exhibition in Bangkok.  After its presentation in Bangkok, the Collection will be exhibited in Galleries of Contemporary Art around the World, including the home countries of each of the participants, where they will be the ambassadors of the Project.

This way, in its Tour around the World, the  Collection will be characterized for being represented by artists that have worked in its development at most of its exhibitions.

Four days after the Artists come back to Bangkok, on Friday January 31st, the Opening Ceremony at the River City Shopping Center will inaugurate officially the Exhibition of the Samadhi-Santi Collection of Contemporary Art. A private event that will get together devotees of Contemporary Art having the chance of enjoying first-hand the Collection.

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