Nsereko says:

Freedom Is Instantaneous The Moment We Accept Things As They Are.

My personal rock-bottom wake-up call came a few years ago when, despite having achieved all of my personal and business goals, I found that I still wasn't content or experiencing peace of mind.

Feeling frustrated, I realized that I could no longer rely on my future to fulfil me. I knew continuing to work so hard to accomplish bigger and better goals wasn’t going to relieve my eternal itch that there must be more to life than this.

To make matters worse, my increasing frustration led to a rocky time in my relationship, which inevitably ended with my partner leaving.

Rock bottom, needing peace, I started exploring alternative ways of thinking, being, and living.

It was around about that time when I met a group of yoga teachers in Kampala and India that changed my life. I saw in their eyes a peace and joy that I had rarely seen before. And the more I spent time with them, the more it became obvious to me that their inner peace was consistent.

Hungry to experience the same, I packed my bag and headed off to meditate with them for a few months. I spent 13 weeks in the Peaceful City Chandigarh in India.  

During my time meditating I had a total turnaround in thinking. I discovered the real cause of my persistent problems had never been my failings at “thinking positively.”

Instead, my habit of thinking was the ultimate cause of my problems. When I was busy thinking, I was missing the peace that’s always present. And by learning to think less and be present, I found life much more enjoyable.

Meditation serves many purposes, from stress relief to self-awakening. Personally, I started meditating because I was fed up with my mind working overtime. I wanted peace, and through meditating regularly I have become less focused on the movement of my mind and more aware of the pristine peace that is always present.

Despite meditation being so simple, and having such big rewards, there are some myths about meditation that can stop people getting started or make them quit before they get to reap the benefits possible from meditating regularly.


We create our life experiences through our way of thinking. One way to align ourselves with Spirit is through affirmations and guided meditations. To affirm is to state positively; to pray is to speak to God; to meditate is to listen. In other words, affirmations are positive statements of Truth thanksgiving to God. Guided meditations are a tool for relaxing the mind to open the way for Spirit to respond.

As you pray and become more attuned to God, we see you experiencing greater growth and change. We see you experiencing a deep connection with God and finding out who you are as a spiritual being.

Are you aching to find time to connect with yourself and do you want to be nourished and nurtured emotionally, mentally and spiritually?

Now you can.  Most people I meet feel a deep need to connect more fully with themselves.  They find it difficult however because of their commitments.  They may find time to catch a yoga class or go to the gym however they still feel that they are rushing from one thing to the next.

Learn to find peace and stillness in every day.

My yoga teacher once told me that life is about relationships.  She was right. But the fundamental relationship we often don't focus on is our relationship to self.  When we spend time in spiritual practice on a daily basis, we nurture the soul, our creativity and ultimately our relationships with others.  We learn to experience a level of peace that is so fulfilling it profoundly changes our lives.



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