Ganna Kuznetsova

My Special Ops Experience

On November 9, 2013 I had my first special ops offline in yoga-studio in Kiev (Ukraine). 7 girls came. The class was for free. Girls left the class in good mood, relaxed and smiling. I liked this experience very much. Girls are informed about the website of peace revolution.

We started with counting and feeling our breath (to bring the mind into here and now). Then we had my kapalabkhati cirle 3 times ((1) fast breath with the focus on the forehead, (2) stop of the breath with muladkhara bandkha, (3) focus in the heart and chanting “mmmm”, (4) bring and keep the attention in the center of the body point for 1-2 minutes). After that we made yoga and shavasana. The peace meditation we started while lying in shavasana. I asked the girls to bring their minds to the center of the body point, and feel the movement there with the breath in and out. Then, I started to chant “Samah Ara Ham” and later asked them to continue chanting this inside. Keeping the sound and attention in the center, we sit and continued with sound. Then, we visualized a simple form there, then visualized Tibetan red BAM, pure, light and transparent body of red color (like Vajrayogini) with BAM in the center. Then, we saw the Sun in the center and started to spread the light to the horizon. We visualized also people with whom we want to share this light. Then, we shared the light with our enemies, and then with one person we don’t like. I asked the girls to give as much light from the center to this person, as it is required to see that the person starts smiling. In case it is not possible, I asked them to visualize that the person becomes full of light and smiles, and we hug this person. Finally, we finished with wishing happiness and being free from suffering to all sentient beings.

I was happy that 4 of these girls are advanced practitioners of yoga and meditation, and they joined the peace session, and liked it. Also, one girl said that she relaxed so much that even feel that muscles at her face were fully relaxed. One older woman said that it was difficult for her to sit without movement (pain in knees and legs). As for sending light to the person we don’t like people reported interesting stories. One girl said that she visualized this person with smile and light, but anyway after opening of eyes, she felt that she still did not like that person. Another girl said that she realized that the person is eager to be friendly and smile to her, but the problem is in her (that it is she who does not want to be friendly).

I do not have any pictures. I did not want to disturb from meditation. You will see everything when we agree to have an online Special Ops.

Submitted on 10 Nov 2013 06:02