Adeleke Muideen Ololade

Peace Manisfestation In Africa!!!

How do you think peace can be manifested in Africa? Opinions needed!!!

Submitted on 28 Oct 2013 15:50

Molinge Nyoki

Peace can be manifested by in Africa by first accepting f that we are not perfect and we need change.Without accepting or recognizing our short comings,we cannot take steps towards manifesting peace.As such,for us to change Africa and the world,we need to start looking within ourselves and make the change.

Submitted on 28 Oct 2013 22:48 from Ariya App

Adeleke Ololade

ok Molinge.thanks i saw that....let also hear from other peoples opinion ..

Submitted on 29 Oct 2013 03:38 from Ariya App

Eva Ferrer

I am also agree with Molinge, the change start looking inside ourselves, then the change will come by our actions. Practice Meditation! :)

Submitted on 14 Nov 2013 10:04 from Ariya App