Ubaid Ullah Khan

My First Experience With PEACE REVOLUTION

Today, i attended the first ever episode of my self development program " The revolt has begun " and I really found it very interesting. While reading the contents, watching the videos 1) Peace Revolution- know the centre and 2) Peace revolution- The inside story, and at the same time practicing the meditation while listening and following the MP3 lecture, I felt a great change inside myself. It was a bit distracted in the start, but I am confident enough that one day i will be able to control it while following, practicing and attending the everday episodes. I have no hurry and am ready to attend the whole 42 days self development program. after successful completion and to have inner peace as well, I will then go for special OPS both online and offline and will serve the community to have an outer peace in the form of meditation, which will result in a sustainable world peace.

Thanks and love for providing us such a great platform.

Ubaid Ullah (PAKISTAN)

Submitted on 23 Oct 2013 18:19