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Introducing Meditation At Leadership Summer School 2013

Leadership Summer School is a ten days high quality training event, bringing together young people from Europe and beyond. Being at its sixth edition, the event is taking place between 21-30th of July 2013, in Sofia, Bulgaria. 74 young leaders, representing various international organizations, together with 20 trainers and local organizers have gathered in Sofia for a highly motivating and inspiring event. Our Peace Architect, Anca, is attending the event as Trainers’ Assistant.



The Leadership Summer School (LSS) is coordinated by Zero Generation partnering with several international youth organisations. LSS aims at passing leadership skills to motivated participants from all over Europe and beyond, engaged in international organisations and supporting them on their path of becoming future leaders and active citizens. The participants, aged from 18 to 35 years, are students from different countries and fields of studies, members of student associations, fresh graduates or young workers. This year, the event has reached its sixth edition. (www.leadershipsummerschool.org)



The event is highly focused on providing a space for the self-development and empowerment of the participants, as well as on encouraging them to apply the skills gained in order to generate social change. Peace Revolution’s Peace Architect, Anca, is attending the event as a Trainers’Assistant. Anca has delivered two training sessions focusing on introducing meditation. She has provided the space for participants to discover what meditation is, how it can be practiced and why it is so important to make inner peace a priority in our lives. Together with learning the how, why and who of the practice, the participants also got familiar with scientific data on the benefits of meditation over the body and the mind. In the spirit of learning by doing, guided meditation sessions for both trainers and participants were facilitated.

Meditation is an important tool to have in any self-development path, as well as a great foundation for social change. We hope the attendees in this training introduce the practice of inner peace in their daily lives and generate sustainable change within themselves and the world around them.

Submitted on 4 Sep 2013 22:36