Miriam Ferrer González

Fellowship In Africa?¿?

Dear Rebels!!

Does anybody know anything about the fellowship in Africa?¿? It is shown in the website but there is no info about the date, location, ...

Thank u very much!!

Peace and Love <3


Submitted on 30 Jul 2013 17:22

Frederick Nsabiyumva

Myself I don't know. you can tell me

Submitted on 30 Jul 2013 18:25 from Ariya App

Frederick Nsabiyumva

I am so proud to get joined to this I thing i am going to do much more to make peace in my country

Submitted on 30 Jul 2013 18:26 from Ariya App

Webmaster Peace Revolution

The fellowship in Africa is yet to be announced. Please stay tune and wait until we officially announce it in the website.


Submitted on 30 Jul 2013 19:55 from Ariya App

Oyeleye Ojemola

I find this project very exciting and enriching.

Submitted on 31 Jul 2013 05:41 from Ariya App

Miriam Ferrer González

Good morning!

I have another question, I will turn 30 next January and if the fellowship in Africa takes place during next year, might I still apply for some economical help regarding the travel expenses?

Thank you very much!!



Submitted on 31 Jul 2013 15:15 from Ariya App