Maria Carina Monroy

The Value Of Life

Hi Peace Rebels!

Today I want to write about the value of life. We always desire to get new things, to get a better job, to travel the world or to earn more money, and in my opinion that is not bad at all. But our desires or wishes sometimes make us forget the essential things in life. 

I had noticed that a yoga classmate had changed her physical appareance, now she looks thinner and her hair had changed (she is using a wig). Her eyes looks overwhelmed, troubled and sad. She doesn't look well. The yoga teacher looks at her with full of compassion eyes. I knew she was sick, but the day before yesterday I noticed she has cancer! I felt so touched, because in the last class she wore a headkerchief instead of a wig. I realized we are just nothing in the world and our body is a temporal instrument.I thought about what is really important in our lives: our family, friends, lover and health.

Never forget what is essential in your live! 




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Damola Morenikeji

Thanks Maria for sharing. Life becomes valuable when we live a life that continually creates value.

Most a times, value is not measured in material terms (houses, cars e.t.c), but based on the lifes one has influenced positively.

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Dahir Muaz


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