Mariia Kurkova

Meditation And Music

hello everyone! :)

i'm a newbie of this inspirational project and would like to get your competent opinion on music during meditation sessions. from my humble and not big meditating experience i've noticed that it's easier for some people to concentrate and keep attention on breathing when some relaxation soft low music is played during sessions. this is just my case! when there is some music (like say nature sounds or some light flute music), my mind and attention stays fully concentrated, no 'wanders' and no distracting thoughts, well almost :) though, i was thinking, any noise, sound is anyhow a sort of distraction during the session which we are supposed to avoid. so basically i want to ask you all, whether you use some background music while meditating or you consider it a sort of distraction, and the right state of mind can't be archieved   with that.



Submitted on 5 Jul 2013 21:24