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Peace Architect Anca Led Meditation During A Training - Understanding And Working With Conflict - In Spain

'Understanding and Working with Conflict' was a training organized by Fundacio Catalunya Voluntaria and it took place in Vilanova, Spain, in between 13-20 April 2013. It aimed at deepening young people’s understanding about conflicts that occur at an interpersonal level, encouraging them to discover and explore nonviolent approaches towards solving them.

By identifying and understanding the root causes of a conflict, together with its escalation process, nature and dynamics, participants were encouraged to look at conflicts through different lenses and, consequently, find peaceful and creative ways of solving them.

Emphasizing on the important role that young people can have in addressing the conflicts they are involved in, both at interpersonal and community level, the training aimed at proposing a holistic approach towards the understanding of conflicts.

The training started from the idea that young people play an important role in conflict and violence in their societies. In one way or another, youth experience conflicts in their lives, making them vulnerable to resort to violent ways of responding to it. Social exclusion happens when young people suffer from a combination of linked problems derived from the continuing cycle of physical, social, cultural and structural violence - such as unemployment, poor skills, discrimination, lack of education, etc. This exclusion further creates a cycle of critical challenges facing young people, especially in the post-war regions, where thinking “outside the box” is needed.  (description, resources and inspiration on

The 20 young people who attended the course came from a variety of countries, such as Armenia, Azerbaijan, Spain, Romania, the Netherlands, Turkey, Georgia, Egypt and Ukraine. Sessions included ‘Definitions of conflict’, ‘Conflict transformation’, ‘Non-violent communication’, ‘Conflict management strategies’ Forum Theatre, a visit at Barcelona’s Mediation Centre and others. The methodology was mainly based on experiential learning. A meditation session was led by Anca, our Peace Architect and a junior trainer in this event, for those willing to understand more about inner peace.

The project was funded with the support of the European Youth Foundation/Council of Europe.

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