Rafa Van Oppen Ardanaz



My name is Rafa. I have done the 42 days self-developement program and the online and offline Ops aswell! I just wanted to know what you all think of the following idea:

I have started to think that people who practice meditation "USUALLY" are people who are more self-confident, searching for changes in their life and live a more "hippie/live happy" lifestyle. Is it just me...or is there some kind of a correlation? What comes first? The practice of meditation or these other things?

Im very curious for your answers! I personally think, maybe thanks to my own experience, that it goes: trying to make a better person of yourself- find out about meditation and its benefits-meditate.

THanks! Gracias! Grazzie! Danje! Danke!

Submitted on 11 Jun 2013 20:30

Sandra Montoya

Wonderful Rafa!!! I´m in my second week... and it has been amazing. I cannot really imagine how meaningful it would be for you.

Submitted on 12 Jun 2013 12:34 from Ariya App