Ines says:

Taking Steps Towards Change

Hola Peace Rebels, Agents and Coaches:

I couldn't be happier about finding out about Peace Revolution.

Here I find a place where people from all over the world gathers to share a common goal: to be in peace, released from worries, hates... and wanting to make a change not only within ourselves, but with the rest of the world.

When I was a child, I listened to Michael Jackson so much, my elder brother won't gave his tapes a rest! As I've been english speaker since I was really young, I listened he singing about changing the world, how we were destroying ourselves and our enviroment, how we had to think about the future, kids, our behaviour... and I stuck with one song until today: man in the mirror.

A few days ago I told the girl in the mirror she needed a change, she needed a break, a reboot after four years of feeling lost and overwhelmed. And yesterday, I found about PR through my best friend. 

Sometimes things come to you when you most need it and less expect it, and here's the proof.

All of this, is just to introduce myself and say a big thank you, to all of the people making this community happen, for being the place for good things to bloom, and good people to find themselves again and be their best version. I'm so glad to be here.





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