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How To Get The Visualization Technique Done Right During A Meditation Session

In our meditation practice we use visualization as a tool to help still our mind, to bring it to focus. If our visualization object (the object that we imagine, or mental object) is not clear, there is no need to worry or try to make it clear. All we need to do is wait. 

It’s like trying to see the moon on a cloudy rainy night. Try as you might, you’ll not be able to see the moon clearly through the cloudiness and rainfall. But, you know that eventually the rain will stop. So, you keep waiting by the window and soon enough the rain stops and clouds move away, and all of a sudden the moon is clear as crystal. You can even draw a circle as a visualized picture of the full moon using drops of water and look at that while you are waiting for the rain to stop again.

In the same way, when we visualize an object in our center, like a sun, moon, star or sphere, we need not TRY in any way to make it clear, we do not need to TRY to make the thoughts stop, we just need to wait patiently, and everything will become clear by itself. Visualization is more about “feeling”, not so much about trying to see something. Feel it as if it is already there, even if you cannot see it clearly. Feel it as if it is a fact.

Submitted on 12 Mar 2013 21:16

Candelaria Negri Biasutti

Thank you very much for this useful tip!!

Submitted on 12 Mar 2013 22:46 from Ariya App

Narmin Isparzada

I will remember this. Thanks for the tip.

Submitted on 17 Mar 2013 07:20 from Ariya App

Sindy Ortega Peña

This is a good tip becouse I have a problem with concentration. Thanks :)

Submitted on 20 Mar 2013 13:34 from Ariya App

Alejandra Vaquero Castro

Thank you! Very useful :)

Submitted on 3 Apr 2013 03:46 from Ariya App


Good comparison between the moon and meditation =)

Submitted on 3 Apr 2013 04:21 from Ariya App

Natalia Maffiold

I just started to meditate and this is a wonderful tip, because I was trying to visualize my center and make my thoughts go away but stop doing it and just feeling it is easier and peaceful.

Submitted on 4 Apr 2013 00:58 from Ariya App

Jacek Kozłowski

Thank you! Very good explanatiom.

Submitted on 5 Apr 2013 16:24 from Ariya App

Cathryn Lloyd

Very helpful with good reminders about patience and non grasping - just wait be patient...

Submitted on 4 Nov 2013 21:14 from Ariya App

Diana Marmolejo

Thank You! Very good advice.

Submitted on 6 Jan 2014 13:33 from Ariya App