Anita Nuss

Global Oneness Day - A Message From Peace Revolution

"Oneness is a deep concept related to meditation.

When we start looking outside, we see differences. Differences between people, countries, beliefs, and appearances. We always label people to be this or that, fat or thin, good or bad etc. So, whenever we open our eyes we always see differences, that’s why we keep thinking of differences, we keep in our mind and we forget to feel the same.

‘What do we humans have in common?’ We have to come back to this question. Everyone wants to have peace, everyone wants to be happy. But happiness should not be acquired at someone else’s expense or disadvantage. You cannot be happy by taking happiness away from another person. For eg. If you want to have one million dollars and steal it from a bank, you have taken away money from many people. This million dollars is not really yours. In the same way, we cannot be happy by taking away happiness from someone else, this is not true happiness. If Happiness is True, we should be able to acquire it on our own. And Inner Happiness and Inner Peace already lies within us, ready and waiting.

When we close our eyes gently and softly, we will return our mind to Inner Happiness and Unite with it, anywhere, anytime. I believe we will achieve true global oneness whenever we look back inside ourselves, whenever we stop looking at the differences between us, and stop labeling people. At the point where we start looking within, is the point that we start Global Oneness."*
Here is the meditation guidance for today:


*Message from Luang Phi John

Submitted on 24 Oct 2012 13:02

Pamela Castillo Otoya

It was really helpfull to relax. These days had been a bit acelerated and in this sesion, LP John teaches just to relax, by saying whatever to some physical discomforts, however for the way we achieve to connect to the center and whenever to not push ourselves, just let it happen. I felt light, fresh and even at a moment I felt like I was calm and fresh water. I also forgot about the environment around me and suddenly realized that I was not here, it was like I could see my body from somewhere else, but not imagining... just disconnect from many things of this place. I also had wandering thoughts but as LP John said, I tried to stay as an observer and not to follow the thoughts. When we observe life, and try not to control it, just do what we feel, then things start flowing :)

Submitted on 24 Oct 2012 15:11 from Ariya App

Pamela Castillo Otoya

PS. I'm breathing calmer right now, thanks :)

Submitted on 24 Oct 2012 15:16 from Ariya App

Antonella Galli

Happy Oneness day Anita! Thanks for such a lovely message!

Submitted on 25 Oct 2012 04:15 from Ariya App