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Photo Album: Global Peace On The Move 8


Peace Revolution proudly announces our NEW premium photo album from the fellowship
“Global Peace on the Move 8”.

“Our world is changing. Our generation is one of change… Besides constant flux in technologies, environments, systems, and trends, the most significant change of our generation is in our thoughts, perceptions, and awareness. Yet in a world where everything is changing so quickly, we need stability and dependability. This is what the peace rebels of the Peace Revolution Global Peace on the Move 8 Fellowship are seeking...They seek the kind of happiness that is real and permanent ... a safe harbor unaffected by waves of changes ... in which they do not fear losses or darkness. They are in search for THE ISLAND OF PEACE.”

Additionally, visit the Global Peace on the Move 8's story page to follow this miraculous adventure together!




Submitted on 2 Oct 2012 16:03

Diego Grana Leon


It was nice to watched the album, it transmit a peaceful essence and the power of a shared joy.

Thanks for that!


Submitted on 3 Oct 2012 05:39 from Ariya App

Alona Tynkova

WOW! well done, Peace Revolution! :)

Submitted on 6 Oct 2012 10:29 from Ariya App

Angie Samaniego

Excellent photos! I loved the album! Congratulations on the art! :)

Submitted on 8 Oct 2012 01:38 from Ariya App

Mahvish Naeem

Beautiful pictures!

Submitted on 9 Oct 2012 18:44 from Ariya App

María Luz Ramírez

I haven't seen this photos before, don't know why. They are so nice and inspirational :)

Submitted on 19 Oct 2012 16:33 from Ariya App

Nguyen Giang

Wow. When I see these photos, I feel some things which I can not call the name. It's only wonderful and peaceful!

Submitted on 20 Oct 2012 05:18 from Ariya App

Irfan Khan

Wonderful! superb! Photo

Submitted on 22 Oct 2012 18:46 from Ariya App