Imke Van Der Velde

The Use Of Music For Relaxation And Meditation

Hello there Peace Rebels!

I am new to the Peace Revolution community and very excited to join. To have such excellent guidance on how to meditate, and to have (distant) support from such a large community is a great opportunity to start and more importantly to continue on this journey of inner peace! I truly hope that I will remain as inspired as I feel after joining yesterday :)

I was wondering if any of you are using music to meditate, or perhaps in smaller moments of the day to relax and release the tension. If so, I would love to hear your favorites and recommendations! Or perhaps it is not advised to listen to music/nature sounds during meditation?


Submitted on 30 Aug 2012 14:26

Angie Samaniego

Hello Imke and welcome!

I actually asked that question a couple of weeks ago and my coach advised that I could use it if it helped me, but I shouldn't use it a lot because we shouldn't rely on any external elements rather than our meditation and self-awareness to keeping the mind still. I used music for relaxation a few times and it made my sessions a lot easier. Then, I saw the point on my Coach's words and now I don't need any help from other sources but myself and the words of the guides.

Hope this information helps you!

Greetings from Colombia!!!

Lots of sabai feelings for you :)

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Imke Van Der Velde

Hi Angie!

Thank you for your kind words of welcome! And also thanks for explaining to me what you and your coach have discussed, very helpful to read. I did not consider it from that point of view, but I totally agree with you guys.

I think I have no coach yet... will (s)he be appointed at a later stage of my programme? Or do I need to apply for a coach somewhere? Hmm still a bit puzzled here.

Have a great weekend Angie! And sunny greetings from the Netherlands! :)

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Deborah Naeyer

Hello Imke I am sure you have a coach and that you will hear from here or him very soon! A lot of greeting from Belgium :-)

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Angie Samaniego

Yes, whenever we start the self-development program and write the daily entries and meditation feedbacks, there's a coach who will read what you wrote and they will be answering your questions or clarifying stuff for you. You can get the notifications in your e-mail. Check spam, just in case.

I didn't notice until after the first week or so, but I'm sure you have a coach who will get in contact with you soon.


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