Tarawit Jantaruksa

Help My Business ??

Hello my name is DEW. i'm thai.It's my first time to come in this website because my aunt recommend and i want to develop my self for my business .I have a trouble about feel like asleep until start meditate. i need some advise. thank you

Submitted on 27 Aug 2012 17:13

Angie Samaniego

Hi Tarawit!!!

What I have learned so far from meditation is that you should feel comfortable, but not so much you fall asleep. Maybe, you might want to adjust your sitting position, or becoming more aware of what you are doing at the moment of meditation. You should listen and do as the teaching monks assign and that way you'll do better.

I think I've fallen asleep for some minutes once, and I felt very guilty. Then I just realized it is all part of the experience. Hope this helps. Let's see if the coaches reply to your post and aid you a little bit, ok?

Tell me how it goes!

Loce-Peace-Unity :)

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Mahvish Naeem

Hi Tarawit!

The tip is to relax but concentrate and focus. Keep your eyes closed but mind wide open, in your center. Do not feel guilty about feeling sleepy or so. It is all part of the learning.

Hope it helps. Enjoy the ride!!!

Peace :)

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Mahvish Naeem

And also you can get more tips from here.

<a href="http://www.peacerevolution.net/modules/wall/wall-ipt-tips" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">www.peacerevolution.net/modules/wall/wall-ipt-tips</a>

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