Roura Kaykay

Can I Restart The Program?

Hello everyone,
I started the peace Revolution program during a period when I did not have enough time. I was really busy with school and I couldn't commit to it 100 per cent. I have done 9 days and the gap between is too big that I am starting the wonder if that would be considered a negative thing if I decide to apply for a fellowship? How about if I start the program all over again? How can I do that? And can that componsate for my lack of dedication in the past?
Thank you!

Submitted on 3 Aug 2012 20:29

Roura Kaykay


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Jasmine Magecha

you might be allowed to start the program again, i'm not sure, but that is what i would do to show full dedication to the peace revolution!

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Joanna Lobl

i agree, i think it would be a good idea to start again, im sure u are allowed to! perhaps you would have to create a new account, a new peace rebel profile? and then when u have started again, perhaps that would be a good time to try the fellowship, if you feel u have enough time to dedicate to it :) good luck

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Roura Kaykay

How can delete this account?

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Sunee Vongnoi

Dear Roura

It was great 9 days you did try to follow peace activities in this self development program. I understand you were quite busy with school at the time you started the program. If you have more time now I would suggest you to continue and try to complete 42 days. It shows your commitment to self development . You might PM with your coaches and let them know your intention.

All the best,


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Lady Viva


How can I delete my account?

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