Ways To Meditate

I haven't got any further than meditating cross-legged on the couch yet, but I know there are many ways to rest the mind. Walking perhaps, or listening to classical music.

What do you do to mentally relax?

Submitted on 17 Nov 2010 15:19

Dan Welfare

Hello Emma :) I find yoga to be the best non-meditation relaxation for me, though true yoga is meditation in movement.

Yoga also helps me to meditate as it means that my body isn't so taught and so it is easier to let there be no tension.


the link is to a great Kundalini yoga lesson.


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Bayard Tarpley

It's almost a cop-out answer, but make everything a meditation. Break your day into a series of tasks that are all meditations.

Walking meditation, bathing meditation, mindful eating, tea meditation, working meditation, etc!

Anything can be done mindfully!

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Claire Macdonald

I agree with Dan. I find yoga to be a great meditation for the body and mind. I do yoga a minimum of 3 times a week and I always feel so great during and after it. During yoga, I am aware of my body in that position, in that exact time. I especially enjoy savanasa (yogic sleep) at the end of a challenging yoga session. I often sink most deeply into meditation at this time.

I also agree with Bayard. I have worked on slowing down my day and taking the time to enjoy anything and everything I do. Mindful eating is so important to the body because what you put inside of you effects you greatly. Plus, food tastes better when you are aware of your food.

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Alysa Landry

I am new here, but I was going to ask the same thing. I'm going to sign up for a beginners yoga class -- part of a New Year's resolution to get better at finding that inner peace. Are there any other ideas on how to relax or meditate during the day? I have a very hectic job and an even more chaotic home life right now, so every suggestion will help!

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Tej Dhakal

Hi Alysa,

It's very good to grow the interest in mediation i.e. inner peace. In fact only one commitment for inner peace is enough, then you can find thousands and one way to seek that techniques and methods to develop inner peace. In fact, meditation perhaps, ever practiced, most effective technique to develop inner peace, so there are hue and cry on it and any one can get much from it.

Please make commitment, then you can get time for meditation.

If you have more queries, you can forward some lines over here.

Happy New Year 2011 and Peaceful Wishing!

Cheer Up!!

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Wajid Ali

HI EMMA, h r u ?i like your comment about mental relaxation , but i would like to share my personal experience are that if you give time to your loved one,and help the needy one, your mind will remain relax,

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Raphaela Pedroso

Hi Emma!

I do a technique I learned in my yoga. I try to breath slowly, the more that I can. I do it for 10 times. It is good when you are feeling some fisical pain also. Another one: Pay attention to the sensation of cold in the nostril when the air enters and the sensation of hot when the air comes out. It's very subtle, but it helps a lot to relax the mind.


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Olivia Ritschard

I i also think that yoga is a great way of relaxation and helps finding a balance between body, mind and soul.... :)

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