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Episode 1 Unveiled: Peace Revolution releases the new version of their Self Development program

8 November 2010 – Peace Revolution officially launches the new version of their self development program, entitled “The Revolt has begun”. The new version of the self development program focuses on inner peace education for sustainable development, using the platform of social media for peace. The program is open to people from any age, culture, race and religion. To start the Peace Revolution self development program click here.

Countless peace talk conferences have been hosted, endless peace teaties have been signed, and numerous peace prizes have been awarded, yet the world seems to be farther from peace than ever before. The world is crying out for a better way to create peace, it is time for a revolution of a different kind.

Peace Revolution is creating a new “paradigm shift” intent on redirecting and refocusing all of our personal priorities from an outward search to an inward quest designed to discover and cultivate a lasting, self-sustaining happiness and peace. From there peace can be spread to others, family, friends, colleagues, teachers and the community at large. The self-development program, “the Revolt has begun” guides one to discover and cultivate the inner peace that is inherent in every human being, and through self-discovery and investigation allows one to improve one’s life and share peace with others.

The Peace Revolution currently has over 2000 members from 146 countries. The online platform allows all members to interact through a ‘peace wall’, and have weekly ‘inner peace time’ sessions via the ‘peace revolution channel'. Peace Revolution incorporates off-line development through fellowship programs for youth, mediaprofessionals and educators. These fellowships include a meditation retreat and workshop in Thailand.

Peace Revolution is changing the way people understand peace, and in so doing empowering every person to play an active part in the development of global peace. “The Revolt has begun” self-development program is available and online today.

About Peace Revolution:
Peace Revolution was launched in 2008, and is an online social media for peace. The program is open to people from all ages, races and religions.

Submitted on 8 Nov 2010 05:33

Angel Baker

What an amazing revolution to be a part of. I hope to be an ambassador for this wonderful approach to spreading peace. <3 Angela

Submitted on 15 Jan 2011 07:05 from Ariya App

Adil Shah

Get peace and be peaceful. What a great way to make the globe peaceful.

Submitted on 16 Jan 2011 17:22 from Ariya App