My First Week Of Meditation

I'm still in my first week of meditation in the Self Development Program and I must say I am enjoying it a surprising amount. 

I can't believe I have never taken the time to just sit, relax and meditate before - it's such a simple act.

Just wanted to share that :-)

Submitted on 27 Oct 2010 22:16

Emma Brewin

Thanks John. How long have you been meditating?

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Rujapa Boonrod

Hello Emma Congratulation for the GREAT Experience! When you meditate, the most important thing is the happiness that you get from inner peace. My teacher always said “For the mind to be able to reach the inner peace, it must first be free of worry – with no remaining attachment for things, creatures or people, with a mind that is constantly cool and clam”

Dream_PIPO (^V^)

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Bayard Tarpley

Good luck, and keep with it! (Keeping it up can be the hardest part)

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Gabriela Velarde

Hi Emma, it is nice that you are enjoying it so much since first week. You are going to see so many positiv changes in your life and persons that surrounds you are going to notice that, too. I am happy for your decition to meditate:)

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Emma Brewin

Thanks guys :-)

I think the most important thing is just hanging on in there and trying to practice even a little bit every day.

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Sam Hardy

It's like regular exercise for your mind, but you can do it while completely relaxed and not work up a sweat! Meditation is GREAT!

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Ivan Tsikota

Hey Emma and welcome! Great you are enjoying the meditation. Just enjoy it and let everything happen on its own.

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Claire Macdonald

I also just started meditating recently. I feel a difference between the days that I meditate and the days that I do not meditate. When I do meditate I feel as though my day is more peaceful and more at ease. I do not let things bother me and I continue to be meditative and aware of my surroundings throughout the day.

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Rogers Bakkabulindi

meditation is a free tool which even you not buy in the shop but its with us with every body which means that every one can have peace within them selves, how its easy just meditate and peace will come automatically you will not be the same again when you practice it every day.

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Claire Macdonald

I agree Rogers. I think so many people think they have to buy things they "need" in order to be happy. But they need to learn that they can find peace for free!

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Rogers Bakkabulindi

To have peace in life you need to be strong in life

Weak ones say YES to the stronger ones. Weak ones are scared, weak ones fear, hence weak ones submit themselves to the stronger ones ... at the expense of true happiness. To be in real peace with others you need to be strong. Only a strong one has multiple options in life - if a strong one offers peace then his offers comes from the bottom of a loving heart. If a weak one offers peace then his offers comes from the heart of a coward fearing to get beaten up by the stronger one. Hence his offer of peace, his silence, his peace is proof of weakness and cowardice but never the result of true love. A true lover needs to be truly strong. Strength can be achieved by girls as well as by man. Strength can be achieved by all ages.

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Anita Nuss

Wow, very very powerful words! Thank you for this.

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Asghar Malik

Take a deep breath, and spread out my mat, I prepare to do my Sun Salutation in over a year. Oh yes. This would be awesome. This was it. This was all I wanted to do. Just this... Raising my arms to the heavens, the great universe.

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Emma Brewin

I finished the meditation 'Revolt has begun' programme... what can I say? It really has changed my life.

Thanks Peace Revolution and all the rebels :-)

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Anita Nuss


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Ahimbisibwe Didas

Emma welcome a board you will have a new and wonderful feeling.way to go sister

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Roland Okorn

Wow, it's so wonderful to discover that one could easily derive total peace from a simple act of MEDITATION which we have for long overlooked.

Submitted on 15 Mar 2011 13:54 from Ariya App

Thulani Mahamba

hi everyone! I always wished and wanted to know how to meditate and I reckon my dream has come true, i am about to start the development program me.

Submitted on 18 Mar 2011 12:40 from Ariya App

Anita Nuss

Hi Tulani, your dream has come true! Its a good dream to have, wishing u success, happiness, health and to always have good friends.

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Anita Nuss

Tulani, you can also apply for our Fellowship here, http://www.peacerevolution2010.org/docs/en/peace-revolution-fellowship-for-youth

If you are awarded the scholarship you can join us in Thailand for a meditation retreat.

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Kamran Orakzai

woooow its awosume .... i am enjoying my first week of mediatition

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Olivia Ritschard

Hi! Today was my first day! I meditated before and i think today i wasn't that good, i think it was because i was to excited of finding out about Peace Revolution! :)

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Anita Nuss

Hi Olivia, I'm so delighted to know how excited you are about Peace Revolution. When I joined I felt the same... Wishing u great stillness and peacefulness in and out of all your meditations.

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Olivia Ritschard

Thank you Anita!

I send you and everyone the best vibes and energies from Mexico. :)

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