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The 6th Full Moon Meditation/World Meditation Day

On the 6th of August 2009 the moon will appear as a large bright, luminous disc in the sky. This is because the earth will move in such a way that it is in between the moon and the Sun.

And THIS is the great signal of the 6th Full Moon Meditation.

In August, Full Moon Meditation will be extra-special, Full Moon Meditation will fall on the same day as World Meditation Day.

You can sign up to join the Peace Revolution and become a Peace Rebel. Those rebels between the ages of 21 – 30, who register before 30th of August can apply for the scholarship to attend and participate in the Peace Revolution Seminar in February 2010 (

Full Moon Meditation is when people all around the world join the Peace Revolution for inner peace time to create and share inner peace. Inner peace is the key to world peace…the very beginning of world peace will be INSIDE of you.

Have you ever seen a large ocean liner, one that can carry many people, goods and even aircrafts?. Imagine such a vessel, the whole ship goes by and at the end you’ll see the rudder. There is a small thing at the edge of the rudder called a trim-tab, a trim-tab is a miniature rudder so tiny that it is quite difficult to spot. However, this trim-tab is very powerful. Just moving the little trim-tab slightly builds pressure that pulls the rudder and moves the whole vessel in the desired direction. It takes almost no effort at all! And yet, the course of the whole ship depends on it.

This is the power of INNER PEACE! With no effort at all, softly and gently stilling the mind, you can uncover the inner peace that is your true nature, and steer the course of humanity towards World Peace.

To change the world you do not need to riot, protest, create wars, argue, debate or fight, NO…to change the world is so much easier and simpler than that…

To change the world, all you need is to change your mind.

Now you know how to start a revolution, a PEACE REVOLUTION…

Date: 6 August 2009
Time: GMT 13:00

The calculated local time can be found on:

Where: anywhere in the world, you can follow the live guided session led by an experienced Buddhist monk by clicking on

Share your thoughts about Full Moon Meditation on the Peace Wall (Forum), tell us where you will have inner peace time, show us and inspire others by sharing pictures of you having inner peace time, tell us your thoughts of peace, tell us how inner peace feels, and how the peace revolution is alive in your country! Share your excitement about the peace revolution with the rest of the community here or at

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