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Live Online Meditation Retreat

Peace Revolution will make the universal technique for inner peace, inner stillness more accessible to you!

We will host live online series of meditation retreat from October 7th to 15th, 2009 with experienced Buddhist monks from Thailand.

Each session will last approximately 30 minutes, followed by another 30 minutes of Q&A or Live Chat session with the monks.

It will be like having your own personal meditation coach right there where you are. Giving you tips on meditation, specific to your situation, pointing out where your strengths are, and even help you with other situations you are faced with. That’s the great blessing of having a big brother around!

Please confirm your participation today in the following sessions provided by signing up on, there are 23 sessions available, you can opt to attend one session, or as many as you can.

Everyone will be able to follow the live meditation instruction, however, only those that have confirmed will be able to participate in the Q&A session with the teaching monk.

Alternatively, write directly to for more assistance.

Thursday Oct 8 2009 07:00GMT
Thursday Oct 8 2009 12:00GMT
Thursday Oct 8 2009 17:00GMT
Thursday Oct 8 2009 23:30GMT

Friday Oct 09 2009 07:00GMT
Friday Oct 09 2009 12:00GMT

Saturday Oct 10 2009 12:00GMT

Sunday Oct 11 2009 17:00GMT
Sunday Oct 11 2009 23:30GMT

Monday Oct 12 2009 07:00GMT
Monday Oct 12 2009 12:00GMT
Monday Oct 12 2009 17:00GMT

Tuesday Oct 13 2009 07:00GMT
Tuesday Oct 13 2009 12:00GMT
Tuesday Oct 13 2009 17:00GMT

Wednesday Oct 14 2009 12:00GMT
Wednesday Oct 14 2009 17:00GMT
Wednesday Oct 14 2009 23:30GMT

Thursday Oct 15 2009 07:00GMT
Thursday Oct 15 2009 12:00GMT
Thursday Oct 15 2009 17:00GMT
Thursday Oct 15 2009 23:30GMT

See you there at your home town.


Peace in..Peace out!

Peace Revolution Crew

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