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Some Common Questions

# How to quiet mind with so much of noise outside?

The key is in accepting, “What you resist, persists.” The more you fight with the noise, the more you want to get rid of it - the more it disturbs you. Once you accept, it will stop bothering you. So become aware of the noises around you and accept them.

# Can one effortlessly flow into meditation?

  • 1. I am nothing: If we think we are someone important, unimportant, rich, poor, intelligent and so on, we cannot meditate. Meditation is beyond all these identities. During meditation, we experience the freedom of being nothing.
  • 2. I do nothing: Do nothing for the next 10-20 minutes. I don’t concentrate on anything, don’t focus the mind on any thoughts: good thoughts, bad thoughts let them come and pass. Neither I welcome thoughts nor do I resist thoughts.
  • 3. I want nothing: How is it possible when I want a better job, grades in school, family and prosperity? Only for next 10-20 minutes say “I want nothing”. Keep aside your desires.

# “I sometimes feel lazy. Sometimes, I think I’ll doze off while meditating, what should I do?”

You can start with doing some gentle warm ups. This will energize you and remove the stiffness from your body. It will help you shake off the laziness or inertia. On the other hand, if you feel extremely restless and are unable to sit still during your practice, then the warm ups will help you settle the restlessness in your body.

# What else one can do to go deeper?

It is important to honor the practice. This implies regular practice with faith in the teacher, faith in the technique. Have faith that the technique works for you and have faith in your Self.

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