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A Meditation Experience

I wanted to share my meditation experience, its time much softer but also somehow not as i planned, jaja i tend to have lots of expectations, and meditation was not left out from those. So i planned that at the second day i will be in peace with a vision of light and that i would goinging everywhere, but that as you might also know didn´t happen. But anyway, somehow when my expectations dont go the way i wanted i get frustrated. something then changed a littl almost imperceptible change, i started to feel 10% ok with the road and 90% frustrated, there was a 10% that made me feel ok, allowing myself to overcome judgement. I had two images to share, but im not really good with technology and i only can paste one, so its a picture that reflects what i believe this world, this jourbey is and what iam experiencing. Its a picture I took , its the sun light passing through the middle of two dark shadows. Its a bright, strong, and also soft light. Probably the scenario doesnt reflect the light total brightnees, but its ok, because it is still there. Even though you might not believe light will come through somehow shadows, light its stronger than any other thing, it will pass through.  wHen i skip the meditation time of my day i miss it, thats a difference before i didin want to take it, it was annoying and i just wanted to scape, my mind say "away away we need noise!!" . Now I want to meditate, because even though i might experience only 2.5% of silence, it is worth over 300 hours of noise. that 2.5% of silence, makes me believe im in the correct path.

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