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Peace Revolution At The First Inter-civilization Dialogue On Peace Volunteerism

On May 25th, Cookie Rachel Giacchero presented the Peace Revolution project to an audience at the 1st Inter-civilization Dialogue on Peace Volunteerism conference that was organized in Makati City, Metro Manila.  The topic was about how to tackle the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) with peace volunteerism and related humanitarian activities. 

Cookie Rachel Giacchero from Peace Revolution
was one of the key speakers in the conference

There were participants from different fields such as from training centers, volunteer programs, UN peace ambassadors and youth clubs were present from countries in South East Asia and the south Pacific countries.   The conference was started by a speech from the UNESCO peace ambassador, Atty. Pearl Fatima Evardone.


Key participants in the program

After the opening remarks, the first presentation was made by Peace Revolution. Cookie first made an introductory speech about the MDGs and how they are an integral part of our lives and everyone is involved directly or indirectly to achieve these development goals.  She stressed the point that in order to achieve the MDGs or any other goals and missions in life, there has to be peace first, and a peaceful environment where actions can bring positive and life changing results.  To have a peaceful environment, we should have peaceful people in communities that live in harmony.

Cookie presented about Peace Revolution and its unique peace building platform

Then she introduced the work of Peace Revolution project that builds world peace through inner peace.  A PowerPoint presentation was made to introduce inner peace time including the online moonfest meditation program, the self development program that includes some acts of discipline that may be practiced and guided meditations with the support of peace coaches.  The special ops program and the PIPO on demand were also discussed as a way of involving people and the environment around us.  Then the fellowship programs were presented and how they are organized was explained to a very interested audience.

Participants were very interested in the program after the meditation session

After this, willing participants were asked to participant in a short meditation session of inner peace time that went very well. After the meditation session, there was time for questions and answers and there was a general interest about the work of Peace Revolution project and its contribution to World Peace.  There were short panel discussions about future projects and networking that can be done between the participating organizations. A few plans were made and presented during the conference.


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