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When meditating and you notice yourself feeling stressed, confused, unhappy or anxious for the meditation session to finish, you are experiencing "tension in the mind". Tension in the mind comes from trying too hard to mediate or having too strong intention to get something from your meditation time.

The way to overcome this obstacle is simple, here are some tips:

Close your eyes very softly and gently when meditating

  • When you sit for meditation, pay attention to how you close your eyes. Don't close them too tightly, the eyelashes should just barely touch each other. Do not immediately start visualizing a meditation object, first wait for the tension in the mind to pass before starting to visualize.
  • Prepare the body properly. First relax the body, stretch your muscles. Observe and ensure that there is no tension in your body, because if the body is not comfortable, it wil be difficult to set the mind at ease.
  • 'Loosen' your mind by looking at beautiful scenery, nature, go for a walk, or go for a bathroom-break. Once the mind feels at ease, restart your meditation.
  • Do not have too much intention to attain or reach Inner Peace, because it is already within you. You already have it, there is no need to get it. Only stop-still the mind with ease, be mindful, "touch" the sabai-feeling continuously. This is the foundation for your mediation practice. You mediate to be happy, and what you "see" is secondary. Once the mind is still, the Inner Peace will arise naturally, without any effort of your own.

Once you feel that meditation is fun, or that you enjoy meditation it shows that you are using the correct method. Meditation needs to be sabai and easy every step of the way, from the beginning, the middle to the end, for beginners and experts alike.

Being at the center is fun. Feel it!

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