Lothar says:

Thailand Application Requirements

Dear Peace Revolution,

I am very interested in attending the Peace Revolution Fellowship in Thailand.
I only discovered this site and the opportunity today. 

Am I correct in understanding that I must have completed 45 days of your online self-development program and a special ops BEFORE I may apply for the fellowship? 
Or is it possible to apply now and complete the requirements over the next two months?

I've a long history with self-development and self-inquiry for inner peace. From my earliest childhood I meditated and engaged in self-inquiry, though I didn't know what it was at the time. I started on the path consciously when I was 16 years old, I'm now 28. I attended a Taoist spiritual group for 4 years. Also I have listened consistently for 10 years to monthly recordings on these matters, attended intensive courses as well as the 10 day vipassina meditation course. My university studies were in Chinese Medicine and complimentary health.
Presently I work as a teacher and am a co-founder of the NGO, Oceans Project Georgia (www.oceansproject.com), a much needed environmental appreciation and education project here in Georgia (former USSR). Though I am Australian, I plan to stay here long term for this purpose. 

I mention all this simply to say, I am not new to this realm of things and I have found a simplicity that eluded me in the past. I'd love the opportunity to attend the fellowship in Thailand. Is there any possibility for me to join somehow, despite the fact that I only discovered your website today?


PS: There is risk of political unrest here with the coming elections in November. Some say there could be civil war. I think that is unlikely, though it is true that tensions have been mounting. Last year there were riots against the government and 3 people killed. To be connected with a community dedicated to peace I feel will be an invaluable asset to me in the coming times. There is no such community here that I've found, so to attend such a community event in person would be a dream come true.


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