Omar Jasim Mohammed says:

Peace Begin From Our Inside

My name is Omar , From Iraq , I believe that God who created us and every thing in this universe has given us the freedom and equality on this earth , I live in a very dangerous country which is Iraq , but despite of that we kept working to spread peace and hope everywhere , my cousin has been killed by a bomb explosion near a Mosque in Mosul , that was in the begining of of last Ramadan , also my Dad and brother got injured , but I'm still working for peace and hope and will not give up for the sake of the new generations , I believe that God is for all humans and he will hep us to achieve our goals and living together peacefully without any hatred and violence , I'm working now for a voluntry project called "Generations of Tomorrow" me and my friends have established that project for the children of Iraq to teaching them how to live together with peace and love and how to embrace their ethnic and religious variety , this project is one of the achievements of the facebook group of "Voluntary Work in Iraq", our project was established Nineveh on 14/8/2011 to be the first step in establishing an institute of peace for children in Iraq,A group of elite brilliant motivated teachers and graduates initiated the project of peace for the children of Iraq( the Institute of the Generation of Tomorrow) on 14/8/2011 in Naynawa-AlRashidia, which is known for its variety of population of Arabs, Kurds and Turkmen.

The institute aims to teach the children peace , love ,hope and creativity to enable them to be good leaders for tomorrow and building a better future for Iraq.

We want to say to all the world that we want nothing but peace for all humans.


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