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Meditation - My Journey So Far

Hi all,

as it has been a while since I've been on PR I thought I'd let you know how my practice is going.

These days I'm meditating for an hour to two hours a day. I've learned that true happiness is within. This has helped me in my working and personal life no end. As I've learned that my happiness depends on having a pure mind and flooding my heart with love. Now when I work, I am keeping the mind centred and chanting always. Dedicating all my works to God, as a form of devotion, when I serve another I am serving God.

When there is some form of upset, either from a person or from some event, I now find it much easier to forgive and to send love, I'm learning not to give motives to actions and events, but to let them pass. I've had the realisation that all life is bound to samsara, and so when people act in a less than pleasant way, it is because they are suffering, and trying not to, everyone is doing their best not to suffer.

I'm also learning to stay in the here and now. We regret the past and worry about the future, both are in the mind only, and completely unreal.

When we are calm, happy and in the present moment. Other people who are not, who have some hurt will often come for advice, for solace. This in my opinion is the most important part of meditation, not the good karma for future lives, but to help in the here and now those beings who are suffering. I have found that simply being happy, can dispel the cloud of misery that people often dwell in.

In the Hindu tradition they say that we have a duty to be happy for this very reason, to be sad will make others sad, to be happy will make others happy.

My meditation is getting brighter every day. Recently I have had very good meditations, these have helped me to see how far I have to go (a long way in case you're wondering :) ).

Well I think that about wraps it up.

Lots of love to you all.

I rejoice in your merit.

God bless.


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