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10 New Year's Resolutions To Stay Connected With The Inner Peace

So, we are in 2012. Let's start the turn of the year with following 10 resolutions to stay connected with the inner peace.

1. Burn yourself with a passion to meditate.

Passion is a source of self-encouragement. It is a driving force to success in anything that we do, especially allowing us to stay connected with the Inner Peace. Tell yourself that this year you will live with a passion for meditation and fall in love with the center of the body. Think of it all day long, because whenever you think of the center, your mind will be there. When someone asks you, "Why do you meditate?", you can answer, "I have a passion for meditation, and because I love myself!".


"I have a passion for meditation because I love myself!"


2. Manage your time better. Allocate available timeslot for your regular Inner Peace Time practice.

Someone once told me, you do not earn time, you can only spend it. Our time is quite valuable, as it is "non-refundable", every minute counts, and if we do not do something useful with it, it may very well be wasted. Our time spent in inner peace time is so precious because it is then that we create the 'peace energy' that we can share with others. Evaluate your day and pin-point the time that is best for your meditation practice. Many find it best to meditate in the morning just after they wake up, or in the evening just before going to bed. But anytime that you find a quiet moment and can relax is a good time to meditate. Once you can manage your time well, you can increase your meditation practice to one or two hours per day.


Manage your time better and you will have better Inner Peace Time.


3. Engage Inner Peace Community.

Being part of an Inner peace community will give you support in your peace lifestyle, and extend your connections and resources to help spread inner peace to others. Together we stand stronger. On the Peace Revolution website, and our facebook fan page you can meet Peace Rebels in your area, and in other countries with similar interests, who also have a passion to meditate. It is also a good idea to extend a virtual relationship to a real-world bond that will keep us always inspired and engaged in inner peace activities as well. Organizing a group of people for an online meditation once in a while wouldn’t be a bad idea. Remember, you should never walk alone on this path!


You should never walk alone on the journey for inner peace within.


4. Join online meditation sessions once in a while.

Why? Because it rocks! Yes, meditation is LIVE to your computer or phone, wherever you are. Every week Peace Revolution has a fixed Moonfest Meditation schedule which you can check out and follow on the Peace Revolution channel.

Or if you have a group of 10 or more friends, colleagues or family members who would like to make an appointment for an online meditation session via SKYPE video call.

Students in the Philippines meditated online with Peace Revolution


The cool thing about online meditation is that it is INTERACTIVE, you can talk to the teaching monk and ask those questions you cannot find the answers for on google, or, share your meditation experience. The teaching monk can give you specific advice and encouragement.

5. Share your inner peace experience with others around you.

When you share your inner peace experience with other people it is like sharing the light of a candle, you never loose, you only gain more peace. At that moment of sharing you have the potential to inspire someone to discover the light of peace within them. If they share their experience with someone else, they too may be inspired. And if we all start sharing like this, very, very soon we will have a planet of peaceful minds, and our dream will be realized. Share your inner peace experience and change the world.


Keep records of your daily meditation experience.


6. Practice the ten homeworks of meditation.

Make this your resolution this year, and you will discover for yourself how quickly your meditation experience will deepen, how still your mind will become.


Sleep in the ocean of inner peace ... one of the 10 homework


Watch this video to see how EASY it is to practice these 10 Homeworks,


Yeah! PIPO in 2012, you can do it.

7. Make the acts of discipline your standard for living.

Self-Discipline is not something that is enforced from the outside. Instead, it is something that comes from within you! It is Self-Discipline. There is a certain nobility and dignity in being able to discipline ourselves. It shows mental refinement, it is the assertion of your own will. Take pride in your commitment to practice the five acts of self-discipline every day. But remember, by making the commitment to practice self-discipline doesn’t mean that you will immediately be perfect in following them, on the way you will make mistakes, but never your resolution to follow them should decrease. By your commitment to be a person of self-discipline, you are showing your mind’s true colors.


Self-discipline is one of the ways to show respect to others.


Self-discipline is something that will help you take control of your mind, and not let your mind control you. With self-discipline you have the ability to direct your speech and actions to be peaceful. And when you can direct your mind, you can control your thoughts and emotions and ordain your DESTINY.


8. Take a good care of your physical health.

There is truth to the saying, "a healthy body houses a healthy mind". Your body and mind work together, and when your body is in a good condition you are able to meditate longer, easier. Hmmm...sounds good, doesn't it! Stretch, do yoga, walk, or play sports. Be active. Eat enough, not too much, not too little. Eat food that will bring benefit for your body. If it isn't good for you, don't eat it. Be kind to your body, and practice a healthy habit which suits your lifestyle.


Our body and mind have a very strong connection.


9. Smile more often and seek only positive things from others.

When you see the goodness in others, your mind will become like a beautiful crystal. When we look to others it is like a reflection of ourselves. When we can recognize the goodness within us, it is easy to see the goodness in others. And at the same time, when we can recognize the positive things in others, we will easily learn and adopt these things to become our own. This is a great way to teach yourself, and encourage other people to continue doing the good things they are already doing...like watering a seed of goodness to become a large flourishing tree of vitue!


Smile, smile, smile ... make the world so much brighter!


10. Plan for the next meditation retreat.

You can plan for the next meditation retreat by practicing meditation everyday, at least one hour. Keeping the five acts of self-discipline, and taking care of your health. Keep your mind on good things all the time. You can apply for the Peace Revolution fellowship by following this link,



Join the next Peace Revolution retreat, will you?


What about your own resolutions to re-connect with the Inner Peace?

Have any tips that are not on this list? Let's hear them in the comments!


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