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Hello 2012

Goodbye 2011, you were an incredible year, difficult at times, but we learnt so much from you … Hello 2012, hello future, tomorrow has become today, and next year has become now. And still we walk on this incredible journey called life, with the mission of PIPO …

PIPO - Peace In Peace Out

At Peace Revolution we have had an incredible year, more and more youth and people from all over the world,(sometimes from places even we are surprised at) are joining and meditating more than ever. The peace rebels and peace agents are our true inspiration, you are amazing…what else can I say, the true heroes of our time.

To you we want to say thank you. Thank you for your light, for your peace, thank you for your perseverance in meditating and keeping your mind pure. Thank you for sharing with your family, friends, colleagues and those around you, thank you for practicing yourself, and facing your fears, thank you for your support, for writing on our peace wall, for writing in your IPT journal, for doing your special ops, for taking part in our campaigns, writing your comments, posting your pictures and clicking “like” on our posts!! Thank you for joining Moonfest, for mobilizing the online meditations, thank you for spreading loving-kindness from the brightness in your mind and thank you for being who you are.

New year resolution: meditate every day :)
Our new year’s message to you is, “Meditate every day”, become familiar with the center – because there lies true peace, true love, and your true friend…

Let the pure love that resides there, fill your mind and flow through your being, your thoughts, speech and actions and flood the world to all people equally, as if you were a mother , father, brother or sister to all beings.

Share your inner peace with all beings

This time and this era has brought to us many exceptional people who are brave enough to fight darkness with light, anger with loving-kindness, greed with generosity and delusion with wisdom … and stand firmly in Truth, to restore virtue and morality to our world. Now is the time, and you must be one of them. Meditate every day, don’t let a single day go by without meditating. Meditate every day.

We wish you be happy, free from suffering, have enough food, shelter, clothing and medicine. May all the blessings of life be available to you in abundance, we wish you good health, wealth and true friends and most of all, may you never be separated from the Truth within.So…2012 here we go! Happy new year… just breathe, relax your body and jump into the center…

True heroes of our time


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