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Peace In, Peace Out - A Guide To Find Yourself

“If you want something that you never had,
you have do something that you never did”

This is the title of the book Mirela Sula, a highly sought after psychologist from Albania, translated before she joined the Peace Revolution European Fellowship in Belgium, October 2011. Mirela believes that Peace Revolution will be one of the most important institutions for peace all over the world involving young people of every country, race and culture in the mission of PIPO: Peace in Peace Out.

Mirela Sula at the first Peace Revolution European RetreatWe all need to let go of the stress and negative charges that accumulate during the day. We often carry these around with us like a heavy weight. There are people who endure this stress and are still not willing to care for their mind. They are busy, forget and are unable to bring their awareness within themselves. In fact, our existence cannot be measured by running and doing several tasks at once, sometimes we need a halt! We need to stop, and just be withourselves, turn our attention inwards instead of searching outwards all the time. We have to say, I want to be with myself, I want to come home, I want to feel comfortable with myself. This is the lesson Mirela learnt from Peace Revolution. Peace Revolution allowed her to take back her consciousness and experience an inner revolution that spread to others. 

Picture on the left - Mirela Sula enjoying her time at the first Peace Revolution European Retreat - Hidden Path: Ariyamagga

At the Peace Revolution European Fellowship in Belgium(October 2011) she discovered that our minds, more than any other part of us, needs care. It needs to rest and be still. How often do our minds rest in peace, do nothing, and are emptied of all the daily burdens? If we do not meditate, this rarely happens. Mirela explains that through meditation we gently invite our minds to stay inside of ourselves and this is accompanied with peace throughout the day.

She says "At least once a day we need to close our eyes slowly, relax as if we were about to fall asleep. Let our eyelids and eyelashes close gently and sit with a smile on our faces. Then take a deep breath. Breathing in and out several times, so deep as to feel the air-filled lungs to the center point in the stomach and then very slowly breathe out through our nose. And when filled with the spirit imagine that every cell of our body is filled with happiness and joy, and as it frees the spirit, it sends out any negative thinking, stress and problems that we have accumulated in ourself ... "

Picture on the right: Mirela meditating at the first European retreat

We asked Mirela about her meditation experience "... I had a very special mediation in the airplane - I felt like I was flying. I found the center of my body and I was fully concentrated on my center, I felt I was at home - full of light. I again felt a circle in the center of my body, that I have been seeing for the past few days in the retreat center in Lede. Full of light, moving within my eyes and then going in my center. It made me feel empty and like I was flying in the sky. I felt happy, full of joy and full of positive energy for the whole day... "

Just after returning home from the fellowship, she was asked to appear on the popular Albanian TV Channel, Top TV, to be interviewed for the morning show, Wake Up. She used the name of the book: "If you want something that you never had, you have to do something that you never did" to talk about meditation and her experience with Peace Revolution during the online self development program, and the European Fellowship in October.

(Here is a short excerpt of her interview(translated into English). You can see the interview here: http://vimeo.com/31563984)

Journalist: If I ask you what you never did before, what would your answer be?

Mirela:"For the first time I have taken a decision doing something that I never did, through acting, that means I have started a journey to find my inner peace through meditation. What I found was the road that brings your mind home. Finding peace revolution is a special discovery. This international Foundation is offering a great opportunity to all people that want peace. They offer this inner peace in order to achieve outer peace."

I have good news: For people who believe in peace. Meditation is free.

Meditation has impacted Mirela’s life in a very profound way, she is passionate about peace and meditation. She says, "One thing I know for sure - meditation has changed my life 360 degrees for the better."

When asked how her life has changed, she tells this story,“Meditation is helping me to know better myself, my weak and strong points – it helps me have a good relationship with myeslf and other people too. A friend of mine was unemployed, and I invited her to come and work in the company where I was working. But a few months later she moved me out of the way, and took my position. I did not see her after that, I used to think very often 'What I would do if one day I met her again?' Then one day after the retreat in Belgium I saw her - I think she was surprised when she saw me smiling at her and I asked her 'Hello, how are you'. I was surprised too, I felt it was not me - but for sure I felt very good with myself. I realized that she was happy, and that I forgave her. With this I mean that this journey with meditation is significantly changing my life and my perspective for the future. "

Peace Revolution has long been working to raise awareness among people around the world to discover this great wealth within. We only need to look, wait and see how deep the light inside ourselves will guide us towards what we are truly looking for.

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Submitted on 17 Nov 2011 08:05

Anca Tiurean

My dearest Mirela, I have listened to the video in Albanian - I understood very few words of what you said, but I read through your body language :)) I noticed that you have a very playful way of speaking and very much charisma - you are made to talk to the public on TV that's for sure! I also noticed something very interesting! Your vigor and energy with which you spoke at the beginning of the video, spraying out information in an abundant way - I said: wow, Mirela looks so confident, and make no mistakes and finds her words so easily!" And then when you started to use the word meditimi and started speaking about your meditation experience, your voice changed! It became lower, calmer. Suddenly you used few words, put an accent on each of these few words, made long pauses and looked the other man straight in the eyes. When I look at you in the video, I don't have to believe your words about how meditation is something that changes lives - I can see it in you. Congratulations on everything you are! And on what you do! This is definitely a very very special OPS :) Kind Regards, Anca

Submitted on 17 Nov 2011 14:47 from Ariya App

Mirela Strugaj

Uauuu I am so surprised to read this... I have no words. I really thank you very much, all of you. Thank you Anca for very nice comment.

I thank you Peace Revolution that brought so much light inside me...

Submitted on 19 Nov 2011 21:34 from Ariya App

Naoufal El Hammoumi

im happy to learn more to read this ; is inspiration, give us life and energy to break them down with the others published smile and hope and peace in this universe, bravo our freinds

Submitted on 21 Nov 2011 02:14 from Ariya App

Linda Struts

This is such a perfect coincidence. I was actually looking for a way to communicate to my mother the value of meditation. I look forward to showing her the meditation video and article. Being familiar with Albanian culture and society, to actually read about someone who can appreciate the powerful value of meditation practice comes as a blessing!

Submitted on 12 Mar 2012 03:19 from Ariya App

Alker St Eloi

I reached a higher state of consciousness or enlightenment, developing and increasing compassion and lovingkindness, receiving spiritual inspiration by reading your thoughts on meditation.

Submitted on 10 Apr 2012 20:58 from Ariya App