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Peace Revolution At The 2nd World Summit For Youth Volunteering - You Can Make It Happen

Colombian Peace Agent, Julian Pinzon, will be Peace Revolution’s ambassador at the IAVE 2nd World Summit for Youth Volunteering and Partners Convention in Barranquilla, Colombia. Youth Volunteers from all over the world will gather at the University del Norte(UNINORTE) to share knowledge and experience.

The 2011 World Summit in Youth Volunteering in Colombia

2011 marks 10 years since the United Nations' International Year of the Volunteer. Volunteerism has become a way to change lives and uplift communities. Many times, young people have taken a leadership role in these efforts. In truth, today’s youth is a special generation and they are the heroes of the millennium. The purpose of the World Summit is to recognize the work of young volunteers, while helping them grow as individuals, as a cohort, and as community leaders.

Julian will present Peace Revolution Project under the theme, “creating peace” on 4 November 2011, where he will demonstrate the PIPO Theory(Peace in-Peace out). The slogan of the summit says it all, “you make it happen”, so our message to the world’s youth is “you make peace happen”!

Event participants will engage with each other during workshops, breakout sessions, at cultural events, and through contests, among numerous other ways.

The full agenda with a list of workshops and talks can be found here,

If you are in Colombia and would like to attend the summit please follow this link,

Official partners of the Convention are:

  • Partners of the Americas is an international grassroots network that connects volunteers, organizations and communities to serve and to change lives.
  • IAVE is a global network of volunteers, volunteer organizations, national representatives, and volunteer centers, with members in over 70 countries
  • UNINORTE is one of the most prestigious universities in Colombia. UNINORTE's volunteer programs for students are highly recognized for their innovation and success.

*You make it happen is the event slogan.

Promotional video about the summit by Partners of Americas

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