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Online Meditation: September 2011

Meditation never gets old, and in a modern era meditation practice is evolving with technology, and so we would like to present Peace Revolution's Online Meditation Feature. Online Meditation is meditation guidance Live from Thailand through Skype or Livestream to your home, workplace or school. Many peace rebels have booked their own personal appointment with our teaching monks from Thailand, and helped many of their friends practice inner peace time and discover happiness within themselves.

Since the 14th of August Peace Revolution has guided more than 480 peace rebels around the world through online meditation in the art of inner peace.

For example, the Netherlands with Peace Agent Marco Bermudez

Primary school students in the Philippines with Peace Agent Connie Emborong

With Peace Rebel Nicolas Avila from Colombia

And our first online meditation to Africa, with Peace Rebel, Appolinnaire Zagabe in Uganda.

Peace Rebel Appolinnaire Zagabe (second) and his friends

Of course, we have our weekly Moonfest Meditation sessions through the Peace Revolution Channel which is set at a fixed schedule, you can view it here,

To book your own Online Meditation session please contact:, groups need to be at least 5 people together.

Until next time, we will bring you the best PIPO news around the world. Enjoy your inner peace time.

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(from Jonathan Livingston Seagull-Richard Bach)

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