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Peace Please Mission Results

The world celebrated International day of Peace on the 21st of September .  Peace Revolution launched its “peace please” campaign to promote activity, talk and creativity in the field of peace.  In total there were 7 missions to complete.  
Here are some of our favourite mission results,

Dorcas Ramos( Mission 5- power of peace ) “If I will be granted one superpower, I will wish to have the power to influence others to always have their inner peace. 

"... At first, I thought of having the power to instantly make the world a peaceful place to live. With one swish, all wars will end and conflicts will be resolved. But then I realized that it is not fair. Peace should not be forced. True peace must emanate from within. And the most I can do is to spread my own peace to other people and hopefully, they will be influenced to live the same. Emphasis on the concept of Peace In. Peace Out! :)"

Each and every one will have peace within… one by one. If I can influence all people to have their own inner peace, world peace will no longer be impossible.”

Ghassy Ararnyik (Mission 2 – Position of Peace) “I was at the top of the hill in Irbid, Jordan. From these place I can see borders of Syria, Israel, and Palestine I just want to sit and meditate spreading good vibration to all people around there and make a wish may all they stop to make wars, may peace being with them.”

We would like to congratulate the overall winner, Behaylu Dego Fikre (left), from Eghiopia, who scored the overall total number of likes on the Peace Revolution Facebook fan page.

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