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Have you ever wondered why the full moon is so beautiful, have a look in the sky, the full moon is truly magnificent?

The full moon has been the inspiration for poets, musicians and writers, It’s a signpost for map makers of the earth and cosmos. Why is it that the full moon is so adored, what is it about the earth’s satellite that is so enchanting? Could it be that it reminds us of something inside ourselves? The bright full moon reminds us of the pure, brilliant, light INSIDE that is shining, radiating and lights up the darkness of the night.
In September the Full Moon calls again — and this time peace rebels from countries in every continent in the world will roar, in stillness, the majestic call of INNER PEACE…

What: Full Moon Silent Party – Full Moon Silent Party is when Peace Rebels join together for inner peace time to create and share inner peace with the world.

When: 4 September 2009 is the Peace Revolution’s 7th Full Moon Silent Party
Time: GMT 13:00

The calculated local time can be found on:

Where:ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD, you can follow the live guided session led by an experienced Buddhist monk by clicking on www.peacerevolution2010.org/fullmoon.php

This is an opportunity to log your inner peace time minutes, on the PEACE REVOLUTION INDEX. We aim to log 1 MILLION MINUTES of inner peace time for 2009.


Send and share pictures of you and your friends in the “peace position” with us here. We have 5 Peace Revolution T-SHIRTS to give away to those upload cool pictures. (See the pictures below for the PR T-Shirt). You can also be creative and draw pictures of your meditation experiences, share it with fellow peace lovers, and peace rebels.

And if you want to really be a Peace Rebel, sign up today. YOUNG REBELS who join the self-development program for will have a chance to get limited fellowships and represent their countries in the Peace Revolution Conference in Thailand, February 2010.


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What is inner peace?

To find the inner peace within yourself, start by sitting in a comfortable position in a place with no distractions. Rest your mind in the most comfortable place inside your body. Start uniting body and mind, and just relax and enjoy the feeling of letting go.
Sometimes life can feel like a hurricane, everything around us is just chaos, turmoil, disorder and confusion. But inner peace means, that within all the movement and chaos, you can find stillness. Very much like the EYE of the storm, where there is a great calm. To have inner peace doesn't mean that you'll never have a problem to confront, it means that when you have those problems coming up, you go within and find a stillness, a refuge or a sanctuary inside yourself. What is truly wonderful about this stillness is that it cannot be destroyed or altered by any of life's circumstances or conditions...it is your true refuge. It is a way of being, and a way of thinking. It is always there, and it has ALWAYS been there. It is who you are…IT IS AS SIMPLE as just being aware of it...

Send waves of peace to the whole earth from the place of stillness inside you, in each of us, the same stillness.

We honor that still place inside you,
The place of true peace
And sing together, in silence and stillness,
World Peace through Inner Peace

Submitted on 27 Aug 2009 13:44